How they like to hug you

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I really don't know why I always start my books with this scenario...

You can choose yourself whether you want to be human, an Arcana, or even an unicorn. I won't mention what species you are, if you have a familiar, if you have long/short hair, your height,  your gender, etc... Those things are all up to you.


He will you hug you whenever he wants to hug you. He doesn't care who sees it or where it is. He likes to give you big hugs full of love. He likes to give you bear hugs. He likes to give your forehead a kiss when you two hug.


She likes to hug you infront of her sisters to show them she has someone. She likes to wrap her arm around your waist, holding you close to her side, giving your temple a kiss sometimes.


He likes to hug you in private but he has no problem hugging you in public, he would just rather do it where he does not feel as if everyone is staring when he hugs you. He likes to hug you but he always gets a bit flushed and does not hug you, so you will always hug him first. He likes it when you hug him around his waist, head on his shoulder, both relaxing in each other's arms.


He gets too embarrassed and shy at even the thought of hugging you. So you always have to hug him. Even though he once said he does not like it, you know he loves it when you hug him. He likes it when you hug his arm, telling him about your adventures you had. When he does give you a hug, which is rare, he will be sitting down, his arms tightly around your waist, his cheek resting on your chest, listening to your heartbeat and relaxing in your arms.


She likes to run up to you then giving you a tight hug full of love and excitement. She will rarely hug you in the palace since she doesn't want Nadia to see it, even though Nadia already knows about you two and supports it. Her hugs always change. Sometimes she hugs you from behind, sometimes she hugs your side, other times just a quick hug before she runs off to go do her job. It always changes.


He will hug and kiss you whenever and wherever he wants. He doesn't care who sees it. He wouldn't even care if he was having a make out session with you in front of The Devil. He always changes how he gives hugs. Most of the time he will hug you from behind, loving the shocked/surprised yelp you let out.

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