Chapter 14: Wooing Lover Boy [Minsung]

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Jisung sat in his car, thoughts rushing through his mind. 'Should I do it?' He clutches his hair and groans. 'No... Yes? Maybe..'

Building up confidence, Jisung made his way into the store. Muttering under his breath all the way until he was at the counter, he hadn't noticed Minho wasn't there. Seungmin, who was at the counter, did. Upon spotting Jisung, he yells, "Minho, you're boyfriend is here!"

Minho shuffles out of the back, confusion written on his face. After noticing Jisung, he immediately turned red.

"Sorry about Seungmin," Minho coughs, glaring at Seungmin's smug face.

"I wouldn't mind." Jisung muttered under his breath. Jisung wanted Minho to have heard that, but at the same time he didn't. Both avoided eye contact.

"Y-you.. Huh!?" Minho finally looked at Jisung.

Hearing Minho's equal embarrassment, Jisung becomes confident. He looks Minho in the eye, "Do you want to go on a date with me?"

Minho smiles, with rosy cheeks, and Jisung thinks, 'I've been blessed, how is he so beautiful. All. The. Time.'

Snapping Jisung back into reality, Minho holds a cup out to him. "Of course I'll go out with you. Here's my phone number, so we can come up with a date."

Jisung takes the cup of hot chocolate with a grin, now realizing what Changbin and Chan had meant. Minho must've been planning this out.

Just before Jisung leaves, Minho winks. "I think you're gorgeous too, Squirrel."

Jisung must've had the most flustered, and blissed, look on his face as he left the store. Grinning like a lovesick fool, Jisung entered Minho's number onto his phone.
'He said yes.'

Yay, the most cliche romance story!! (Don't worry it'll get even more cliche.)

This Minsung story was long overdue. I love Minho and Jisung being confident gays, but becoming extremely shy because of each other.

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