Thanksgiving Special 🦃🦃

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Me: Hi guys! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeff: Happy thanksgiving to you beautiful.

Me: Jeff, please stop.

Jeff: Fine.

Toby: *Helping Masky in the kitchen.*

Link: Wow so this is what its like to be with all your family members for a day called Thanksgiving? What is Thanksgiving.

Me: *Turns on TV to Thanksgiving Parade* Well Link, Thanksgiving is a day where you give thanks to all that you are greatful to have. We will all say what we are greatful for during dinner. Its only morning so we have some time.

Ghirahim: I do enjoy the rather marvelous decorations you are putting up dear Samantha.

Me: *Smiles* Why thank you.

Jeff: They are quite lovely.

Me: Masky did you call Slenderman and invite the others over?

Masky: *Burns hand trying to put the turkey in the oven* Ow! Yes I did.

Me: Here let me help. *Runs Masky's hand under cold water*

Masky: Thank you. I never met someone so sweet.

Me: Well now you have.

*Doorbell rings*

BEN: I'll get it. *Opens door*

Skull Kid: I smell food!

Me: You have to wait Skull.

Dark Link: *Trips Skull Kid*

Me: Dark!

Dark: What?!

Me: Don't play stupid.

Dark: *Growls*

Slenderman: Why hello child.

Me: *Smiles* Hello Slenderman. It is an honor to have you here!

Slenderman: I am quite happy that you have invited me. I was not looking forward to this years chaos at the mantion during Thanksgiving.

Me: *Laughs* I struggle with chaos from everyone everyday lol though Jeff is a flirt

Jeff: Hey!

Slenderman: *Laughs* Well child I would like you to meet the rest that will be here today.

Me: The more the marrier at least I wont have a ton of left overs. I bought two turkeys.

Hoodie: Do I smell food?

Me: *Smiles* Yes you do Masky just put the turkeys in the oven. You must be Hoodie.

Hoodie: Indeed I am miss. *Shakes my hand*

Smile: *Barks and wags tail*

Me: *Eyes widen*

Jeff: That would be my dog. Sit smile!

Smile: *Sits*

Me: He sure is huge! *Pets Smile.*

Ben: Toby!

Me: *Watches as Toby nearly drops a pie, catches it*

Jane: Good catch.

Me: Thanks. You're Jane I believe?

Sally: *Runs up to me and jumps onto a chair then jumps in ny arms*

Me: Well aren't you just adorable.

Sally: *Giggles* Thank you.

Masky: *spills cup of coffee* Why must I be cursed with getting hurt!

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