Chapter 47 Weird Day

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"He's still at my apartment sleeping, but I wanted to come talk to you." 

 "Where's Nico?  Is he okay?  Is he still sick from the drugs?" 

 "Umm, he's better, but still really tired as they work their way out of his system, he was sleeping too when I left him." 

"Are you okay Ajax, you seem off?" 

Before he could reply, Declan walked in.  I could see Ajax visibly stiffen.  Declan looked at Ajax and neither of them looked very happy to see the other. 

"Hey Dec, how's it going?"  I tried to sound cheery hoping to lighten the suddenly somber mood.  Maybe they were worried about me and would loosen up if they saw I was okay. 

"I'm good Finn, you sound cheery," he replied. 

"I am, it's been a good day.  Jaime was here earlier, he seems to be holding up okay." 

"Yes.  It hasn't been easy for him, but he's a strong man."  Declan looked over at Ajax.  "Hello Ajax," he said cautiously. 


There was definitely some animosity going on between the two of them, but I didn't want to say anything, not that I knew what to say. 

We all made uncomfortable small talk until a nurse came in with my dinner.  It looked pretty unappealing, but I politely moved it around the plate as the two of them fell into an uncomfortable silence.  Luckily it didn't last long as Benji burst into the room carrying a large pizza box. 

"No, no, no…Little Dude, don't eat that crap.  Not when I have a large pepperoni pizza, pineapple on half, from Franco's," he looked around the room.  "Hi Ajax, hi Declan, you guys want a slice too?  Plenty for everyone." 

"No thanks," Declan replied first.  "I should be getting back, I'm going to make dinner for Jaime tonight.  Finn, I'll come see you tomorrow, okay?" 

 "Yeah Declan, that'd be great.  The doctor said I might be able to go home tomorrow night." 

 "That's great Finn.  I'll come see you around lunchtime, I'll bring you a Cubano from El Jefe." 

"That'd be great!  I love those!!"  Declan came over and gave me a hug before he left and then gave Ajax a serious look and seemed to shake his head, like he was saying 'no'.  I was confused and starting to be a little worried.  Was Nico okay?  It was really weird that he hadn't come to see me yet. 

"Ajax, what's up between you and Declan?" I asked. 

"There's something up between you and Declan?" Benji repeated, looking at Ajax, "Sir?" 

"No, no, there's nothing.  Everyone's just a little stressed I guess.  Listen, I'm going to go back to check on Nico."  He looked at Benji, "Are you going to stay here with Finn tonight, pet?" 

"Yes Sir.  Finn's night nurse is sweet on me, so she'll let me stay," he flashed me a grin, as I noticed Ajax roll his eyes.  I let out a short giggle at the two of them.  Ajax stood up and gave me a hug, then turned to Benji.  He took his face in his hands and pulled him forward placing a kiss on his forehead, then resting his own forehead on Benji's.  They stayed like that for a minute and Ajax took a deep breath. 

"Be a good boy tonight, okay baby?" 

"Yeah, yes Sir," Benji replied.  He sounded as confused as I'd felt for the last few hours since Ajax and then Declan had arrive.  Ajax gave him another quick kiss on the lips before he walked out. 

"What was that about?" he asked me. 

"I don't know, he and Declan were weird the whole time they were here.  Do you think something's wrong with Nico?" 

"Nah, he's just sleeping off the little chemical cocktail he was given, he's fine.  Ajax would tell me if there's a problem.  He knows we've all been taking care of you, I'm sure he'll come by tomorrow morning.  Let's have some pizza!" 

I let myself believe him and grabbed a piece of pizza with pineapple.   We just hung out again, watching TV, making jokes, like two friends should.  I was starting to really miss Nico, but at least Benji was keeping me distracted. 

"I hope I can go home tomorrow Benj, I really miss Nico, after being in New York and then hardly seeing him since I came back. Do you think he's really okay?  I mean, with what happened to him?  Everyone seems worried about me, but what they did to him…" 

"It would probably be a good idea for him to talk to someone, you know, like a therapist or counselor.  I'll talk to Ajax about suggesting it, he'd probably be the only one who could get him to do it." 

"Yeah, you're right.  He always wants to be the stoic one who protects everyone else." 

"I'll text Ajax in the morning and find out what time Nico's coming…or you can borrow my phone and call him." 

"Okay, thanks," I gave him a smile, but I knew and he knew that it wasn't real.  I couldn't wait for things to get back to normal. 

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