Chapter 47 Weird Day

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Chapter 47   

 (Photo to the right is Jaime)


Today was a weird day.   

First Ajax came and brought us breakfast. Well, that was a good thing, because let's face it, hospital food sucks!  He brought us take-out from one of me and Nico's favourite places to go for breakfast.  Then I was told that I had to go talk to a doctor, well, a therapist really.  It was part of the whole deal with staying in the hospital.  That was okay, the therapist was a nice lady named Janice and we talked about my childhood, Nico taking me in (less the whole relationship part) and I gave her the "alternate" version of the events of the last few days with the infamous unnamed "boyfriend".  I told her that all was okay now and I repeated, again, about the fact that I was not committing suicide.  Then she brought me to a meeting room with a bunch of people, some older than me, some even younger.  Most of them were what Janice called "outpatients" meaning they came to the hospital for therapy and this was a group session. 

 It felt weird because all these people really did try to commit suicide, so I felt out of place at first.  But then after hearing some of them talk, I realized that they're all just people with problems; some seemed big, some seemed not so big, but at some point or another, they felt like they couldn't handle them.  It was sad, because a lot of them didn't have people around them to support them, I felt like that once so I really knew what they were going through.  But now I had Nico, Benji, Ajax, Declan, Jaime, Chris..and back at the island I had Rosita and Louisa…I had lots of people who cared about me and supported me and I would never want to hurt them by doing anything to hurt myself. 

 When I got back to my room Chris was waiting for me.  He said that Ajax took Benji to go get a shower and a nap since he was up most of the night, but that they would be back later.  I told Chris about the therapist and the group session and he was really positive and encouraging about it and said that even though I hadn't tried to kill myself, talking to someone was still important with everything that had been happening.  

A nurse brought me some lunch, which I offered to share with Chris, but he politely declined.  Looking at it, I would have liked to decline also, but I was hungry. 

Then Jaime came to see me.  He was still really sad about his mother passing away, but I think it gave him a good distraction to fuss over me.  They were having a visitation for her tomorrow and her service was the next day which was good because I would be released by then and I could go to support my friends.  Jaime spent an hour with me after Chris had to go.  He told me that he and Declan had been planning on moving back to New York after his mother passed away.  They had been living there when she was diagnosed with cancer so they  moved back to be with her as long as possible.  They had been renting out their townhouse, but had already giving the temporary tenant notice that they were returning. 

I would be sad to see them go, but it would be fun to visit them and maybe I could even get Nico to come with me next time. 

"Where is Declan?" I asked Jaime. 

"He said he had arrangements to make, but that he'd come see you later Finn," he replied.  I smiled at his accent, although many of the people I'd met in Miami were of Cuban or Puerto Rican descent, Jaime's accent was different.  It was musical and beautiful and almost seemed like a perfect embodiment of his natural optimism and happiness.  I could listen him talk for hours, about anything. 

Ajax came back again a bit later, he looked…really off. 

"Where's Benji?" I asked him after Jaime said his goodbyes. 

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