Part 25

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I felt a small pain against my neck and teeth biting in my skin.

Half asleep and grumbling I tried to push it away. My hand reached into something soft and familiar.

A grin spread across my face when I noticed it's Jorges hair. Playfully I pulled on it, which caused him to let out a moan.

God, I love the noises he made. He's always way too loud but I love how he responds to me.

Again I felt a pain shouting from my neck, he bit me harder this time.

Finally, I opened my eyes, more or less awake, and turned to face my boyfriend. His pupils were huge and nearly all black. "hey", his breath hit my face, that's how close we were.

"Hey", I replied with a chuckle. We both leaned in for a small peck. When I felt Jorge wanted to deepen the kiss I put my hand on his chest and stopped him.

"Wait I want to take in that view.", I muttered as I stare in his face. He rolled his eyes but I saw how the corner of his mouth turned upward shortly.

"You are beautiful.", I softly complimented him. It was my goal to be a good boyfriend and compliment him at least once a day.

He sighed and rolled away: "I'm hungry."

"Wow, way to ruin the romantic Jey."

Jorge faced me again his features all soft: "Sorry." I just kissed him again to let him know I wasn't actually angry: "So what you want?"

"Food." This time I shoved him lightly: "Duh, obviously but what kind of? How about Eggs and Bacon?"

"I'm actually vegan now." I gave him a surprised look, "since when?"

"Two weeks I guess.", I still looked suspicious his way. We talk every day, he could have mentioned it.

"How come you never told me?" He started massaging his temples like he was tired of this conversation: "It's not that important okay? In ethic class, Ben and I had to prepare a presentation about animal husbandry and now I'm disgusted by it."

"Oh", I didn't really know what kind of reaction was the right one, "I mean I can get some bread and avocado?"

"Yeah, that would be great, thanks." Shortly after I made my way into the kitchen and made us breakfast. Vegan of course.

I also filled two glasses with orange juice. Afterward, I carefully carried everything upstairs again. It was hard to balance the plates and glasses but better than going twice.

Jorge was still in bed scrolling through his phone. "Hey", I called to get his attention, "a little help, please?"

"Yeah just a sec.", he said still occupied with his phone. I sighed as tried to place To breakfast on his bedside table, "thanks for the help."

"I said I needed a sec.", Jorge rolled his eyes. "Whatever let's not fight about that", I tried to smooth him as I sat down next to him again.

"Ey Benji, look.", he waved his phone in front of me but I looked away, just to tease him.

"Benji look.", the boy swans his leg over my lap and positioned himself between my legs, "look, Benji, look."

As I laughed about his childish behavior I finally decided to give his for fill his demand and looked at his Phone.

On his screen was a video of him cheerleading, "Baby you are a natural, can't believe it was possible for you to even become better."

A small grin appeared on his face: "Yeah, Since you're away I have nothing to do."

We smiled at each other and started to eat a bit. I frowned when Jorge only ate the half of it: "Aren't you gonna eat the rest?"

In response he only shook his head: "You don't need to worry. My new therapist scales my weight every week."

I felt slightly bad. Sometimes I don't know how to handle Jorge and his sickness.

"Benji if you keep giving me this pity look I'm gonna freak.", Jorge warned me. "Yes sorry. Let's talk about something else."

"How long do you plan on staying?"

"Uhm, I will definitely stay a week, than I have to fly home again.", I tried to picture my schedule, sadly this is one of the busy months, "I'll make as much time for you as I possible can."

His arms wrapped around my neck as he pulled me closer to kiss me: "Don't worry to much. I know you have a lot on this year."

See he's perfect, he's always so understanding. We just hugged for a few minutes and enjoyed being this close in silence.

Suddenly Jorge spoke again: "I know you not gonna love the idea, but my mum is still away till tomorrow, how you feel about a party?"

I looked at him with mixed emotions but his bleeding look made me go weak: "I think we can try again. At least it can't get worse than the last one."

Jorge showed me toothy smile: "It's gonna be so much fun."

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