XL. The Dance Floor

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Chapter Forty

The reception for the wedding is being held in a room in the palace I didn't even know exsisted. There is a large room that has been used for storage for years that used to be used for parties. Shuri had the room cleared out and cleaned up for the reception. It's huge. It's about the size of the throne room. The room is on the other end of the palace, so through the ceiling length windows a view of the forest is visible. The windows are open to let the breeze come into the room, trying to spark some light back into a place that hasn't seen life in many years.

There's a table against the north facing wall that's filled with food, including a double chocolate two tier cake right in the center. There are tables set up against the other walls where some of the guests are sitting and talking amongst themselves. In front of the windows is Shuri, who has set up a table with a computer and speakers. She's in charge of the music and has concocted an entire playlist of songs she pre-approved with Alex. The songs being played range from ABBA and Cher to Maroon 5 and Rhianna. Unsurprisingly, the song Alex picked for his first dance with Khari is a Madonna song.

As the song begins to play, Alex looks over towards me and winks. I let out a chuckle, rolling my eyes at the fact that this is what he wants to make his wedding song. I send Khari a sympathetic look as he joins Alex in the middle of the room, which has been dubbed the dance floor. Khari doesn't seem to mind though. As 'True Blue' by Madonna begins to play, Khari clasps hands with Alex and begins dancing. Neither of them can wipe the smile off of their faces, and the look of pure love between them makes my heart soar.

As soon as their first dance ends, the song that plays next is 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' by Whitney Houston. Bucky and I have been standing near the windows, starring around at the crowd of guests around us, but with a mischievous smile, I grab hold of his arm and pull him towards the dance floor.

He raises his eyebrows, giving me an amused expression. "You seem eager for a woman who hates eighties music."

I clasp onto his metal hand, placing my other hand on his shoulder. "It's impossible to hate Whitney Houston. Besides, I don't care what music is playing if it means I can dance."

A smile spreads across his face, wrapping his arm around my waist and spinning us around, swaying his body along to the music. He certainly paid attention to my teachings back in Greece. He's a natural twenty first century dancer now. As the chorus comes around in the song, he gives me a playful grin as he dips me; sweeping me off my feet and pulling me back upright with little effort. He then lets go of my waist, spinning me out towards the tables, before pulling me back towards him, with my back now to him. He keeps hold of one of my hands while the other clutches my hip tightly, placing a soft kiss on the side of my head before he spins me around to face him again.

I feel my cheeks flush as we resume our regular swaying, a playful smile growing on my lips. "You know there's a tradition in weddings; the maid of honor usually hooks up with the best man after the wedding is over."

Letting out a chuckle, Bucky dips me with the same ease as he did before. As he brings me back onto my feet, he brings his lips close to my ear, his voice low as he says; "If I'm anything I'm a man of tradition. God knows I've wanted to tear that dress off you since I first saw you in it."

I feel my cheeks burst into flames, biting my lip to hide my grin. "Something to look forward to for later."

He chuckles again, spinning me around again as the last of the chorus plays. As Whitney Houston's beautiful voice is replaced by Panic at the Disco, Bucky places a kiss on my hand, gesturing with his head towards the tables. I nod, knowing exactly who he wanted to go and see right now.

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