Chapter 10

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Timeskip to the next morning
Shoki (POV)
Issei and I were walking to class and he seemed down.
Issei- What am I gonna do if she's still pissed off at me? At us? Why am I such an idiot?
Shoki- Don't know but what else were we supposed to do last night? Just stand there and take those light spears up the ass? I don't think so.
We hear the sound of a girl outcry and then a thud. We turn around all we see is butt. Issei is immediately turned on and I'm just calmly cover my eyes some.
Girl- Oh no. I fell again. I'm such a klutz.
I hear her shuffle some and i part my fingers a little bit to actually see her.

 I hear her shuffle some and i part my fingers a little bit to actually see her

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Shoki *mind*- Kinda young for a Nun.
I nudge Issei and motion for him to help instead of being a pervert.
We go to her side and extend our hands.
Shoki- Hey there are you okay?
Issei- Yeah you're not hurt are you?
Girl- Yeah I'm ok really.
She grabs our hands and we bring her to her feet.
Girl- Thank you. That was very sweet of you two.
Issei- Oh please it was nothing.
Shoki- Yeah it's just common nature to help someone out.
Issei- Hey the weather sure is nice out here am I right?
Girl- It is but uhm I'm a little bit lost. Do you think you can help me out?
Issei- Sure we can. Come on.
Shoki *mind*- Well I guess a little detour to school won't hurt.
The girl grabs her suitcase and we begin walking.
Shoki- You're not from around here are you?
Girl- No I am not.
Issei- Are you a tourist?
Girl- No not at all. As a matter of fact, I was just assigned to serve the church in this town.
Shoki- Then that confirms it. The getup was a dead giveaway but I didn't want to assume. You're a nun aren't you?
Girl- Mhmm. I am so glad I ran into someone kind mike you two. I guess someone is looking out for me huh?
Shoki *mind*- Well unlike Issei who's just trying to get in your pants, I have no ulterior motives.
I notice the silver cross she's wearing and I become cautious. I notice Issei is doing the same.
Girl- Is something wrong?
Shoki- Umm no. Not at all.
Issei- Yeah. It's all good.
We continue walking until we hear a boy who has fallen and scraped his knee crying. The girl goes over to the lad and kneels next to him.
Girl- A big boy like you shouldn't be crying over a scrape. Don't worry you're going to be fine.
She places her hands above the the scrap and her hands start to produce a green aura. Amazingly the scrape begins to heal.
Issei- Woah. She healed him.
Shoki- Things just keep getting weirder and weirder.
Suddenly there's a sharp pain in my right hand. I examine it but there's no sign of injury.
Shoki *mind*- Weird. There's nothing there. Could this be because I'm in close contact with a holy object?
Girl- You see, there's no reason for you to cry at all. You're just fine. (Turns to us) All done now. Sorry.
We leave the boy and continue walking her to the church. There been dead silence since we've seen her do what she did.
Girl- You must be surprised.
Issei- Uh no. No not at all right Shoki?
Shoki- I'm not surprised in the slightest. However, that sure is an interesting power that you have.
Girl- Thank you. I consider it a gift and a blessing. Truly, it's wonderful..........Oh hey there it is.

Shoki- Yep

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Shoki- Yep. That's the church. The only one this town's got besides the orphanage but that doesn't count as a church.
Girl- Thank goodness I found it. That's a relief.
I look intently at the church and my whole body suddenly goes numb.
Issei- You know it's weird. I never see anyone up there. Not a single person.
Girl- Let me thank you two properly. Would you two like to come inside with me?
Issei looks at me and I discreetly shake my head no as my entire right arm is shaking and my the rest of my body is getting even more numb.
Issei- I'm sorry but we can't. We actually have somewhere to be.
Girl- (a bit sad) Oh that's okay. (Perks up) Guess I should go too. It was sweet of you boys to help me find my way. My name is Asia Argento.
Issei- My name is Issei Hyodou.
Shoki- And I go by Shoki Tanahashi and you are very welcome Ms. Asia.
Asia- Issei and Shoki Huh? Well meeting you two here was a blessing and I know for sure it's one I'll never forget. I hope we see each other again.
Issei- Yeah me too.
Shoki- Likewise.
Asia- If you're ever bored or in the neighborhood, come by and visit me at the church. That's where I'll be.
Issei- Sounds awesome.
Shoki- I'll keep that in mind. See you later Asia.
Issei- Yeah see you around.
With that we head for school.
Indigo: That's the end of this one. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Later indigo fam. Peace.

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