Show Me The Way To Surrender My Heart

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I hit the snooze button for the 10th time and got so sick of hearing it i jsut pulled the plug and threw it against a wall. Now that thats over, i can rest, in peace..

Hate is a strong word, but i really really really dont like you. Now that its over, i dont even know what i liked about you.

My phone went off. I groaned then picked it up off the nightstand. I looked at it and JACOB flashed over the screen. I graoned once more before answering.

Me: What do you want  so early in the morning?

Jacob: What? Its 12. Anyways, come over my house now.

Me:Now now or now later now?

Jacob: Now now!

Me: Why? Youre cat finally died?

Jacob: I hate that damn cat. But, she makes Grace happy.. Anyways i got a surprise to show you. Its epic!

Me: Fine fine. Ill come at like, 2..

Jacob: Fasho!

Me: Okay. Deuces

Jacob: Deuces.

I closed my phone then tried to go back to sleep. But i was already wide awake. Damn Jacob. I hope that cat claws his eyes out.


"Oh my" was all i said as i stood infront of Jacobs new 10in Plasma Flat Screen tv.

"I know right!" Jacob yelled, alittle to excited. Then he started bragging about what other features he has but i wasnt paying all that much attention cause the beauty of the object caught my attention and muted Jacob.. Which i thought was impossible..

"Dude, are you even listening?" Jacob nudged me and i snapped out of my trance.

"Huh? Wha?"

He just chuckled and shook his head. "You are something else. C'mon, let me get you a beer." he said as he walked towards the kitchen. I followed.

I sat down on a stool near the counter as he removed two beers from the freezer. Then, my phone beeped.

New Message: Amber

I groaned then just put my phone back in my pocket.

"Lemme guess. . . Amber?" Jacob sarcasticly asked while taking the caps off the beers.

I nodded. "Idunno why she wont just leave me alone. I dont want anything to do with that bitch." I said coldly as i took a sip of my beer after Jacob handed it to me.

"Maybe shes really sorry, Mason." Jacob said seriously, leaning against the counter.

I shook my head. "No no no.. You cant put a person through that much hell then expect them to take you back like that" I snapped my fingers "after two simple words are tossed around. I just doesnt fly with me, bro" I took another sip, trying to calm down.

"People change, man. Maybe she really made a mistake and wants you back."

"I do not give one, single, fuck. Im not taking her back. I wont except her fake ass apoligies. Im done with her and she needs to get that through her thick skull" i took a gulp this time "pronto"

Jacob shook his head then took a sip of his beer. "Well if you wont take Amber back, atleast start dating. Ya know, meet someone nice, settle down, start a family together."

I chugged half of my beer. "Why bother? Loves nothing but an accident waiting to happen. A mess waiting to be made. A life waiting to be ruin."

"Youre just scared to get hurt"

"Damn straight i am! Ever since Amber, my heart just kinda broke into little tiny pieces that is now just heart dust movin around in my chest." I burped "Oh. There goes my heart"

Jacob chuckled. "TO find a true love you must go through the pain. Just because one girl broke your heart doesnt mean they all will."

I was almost finished with my beer. "Dont give me that 'Love is all you need' crap. I dont wanna hear it." I finished my beer.

"Jacob just shook his head. "You cant be alone forever, Mason"

I chuckled coldly. "Watch me"


Hope you liked it!! This is my first story on this site so cut me some slack.



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