First Day

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Lyra woke up to the sun hitting her eyes, She groaned and turned away from the sun. Lyra was about to go back to sleep until she heard a knock on her door

"Lyra wake up you have to go to school" a familiar voice spoke

When she opened her eyes it was the maid, maria. She gave her a warm smile and jumped up and down clapping her hands .

"maria! Its my first day of school!!! Im so excited!" Lyra said now starting to do a "victory" dance

Maria chuckled at her silliness "well you better hurry up before you're late"

Lyra stopped and dashed toward the bathroom. Lyra had been homeschooled all her life and it surprised her when her parents agreed to let her go to school. As soon as she was done brushing her teeth lyra went to get dressed.

Today Maria chose lyra to wear a pink plaid dress, a white long sleeve, and white converse. Maria always picked out Lyra's clothes because her parents would always "baby" her. Maria also did her hair because Lyra wasn't very capable of doing it herself.

Once she looked presentable she went to Alex, her driver.

"Ready princess?" Alex asked

Lyra nodded and off she was to school.

When lyra arrived she was greeted by a familiar face. It was Emma!  Lyra skipped towards her until she noticed Emma was talking to a boy. Emma didn't seem to notice her so lyra figured to say something.

"Hey Emma!"

Emma turned to see lyra. "Oh hey lyra" Emma didn't seem too excited to see her. Lyra was too distracted on Emma being upset that she didn't even notice the boy eyeing her up and down.

"Emma, who's this cutie over here?" The boy said

"Cole meet Lyra, Lyra meet Cole" Emma said furiously

Cole took Lyra's hand and kissed it. Lyra blushed and giggled. Emma was even more annoyed

The bell rang

"Well Lyra I'll see you later" when Cole finished his sentence he winked at her.

Emma was already walking to her class.

"Hey Emma do you know where my class is?"
Lyra asked while rushing towards her

Emma rolled her eyes "I don't know Lyra go look by yourself" Emma said coldly

"Wait em-" Lyra was cut off by Emma hitting her hand away and saying "DON'T TOUCH ME" and with that Emma left.

Everyone had already went to class.

Lyra started to tear up after the argument she had with Emma.

She didn't understand why Emma was being so mean to her. She was interrupted from her thoughts when someone bumped into her.

When she was about to fall she felt someones hands slither around her small waist and catch her. When Lyra looked up she was met by dark gray eyes that were staring into her bright blue eyes.

"Hello beautiful"


Thats the end!!
Hope you guys enjoyed it...

Also this is what i imagine Lyra wearing

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