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Rachel had learned her way around Green Bank in exactly one day.  It was that small.  It was that easy. 

There was a bank, a gas station, a dollar store, a post office, a public library, a school, the astronomy observatory center, and a senior center.  That was it!

You could drive a bit further one way and end up in Marlinton where there wasn't much more except an opera house, a few restaurants, a bed and breakfast type hotel, a grocery store, and a drug store.  Going the other direction eventually led to the bigger city of Elkins which had many more options for eating and shopping.  But the producers, didn't want her traveling out of town without reason anyway.  That way if there was a call, a photo shoot, an interview, a dress rehearsal, anything of the sort, she'd be readily available. 

Being readily available, though, meant she was almost cut off from civilization as she knew it.  She sighed.  Combed through her brown hair and squinted and stared at her reflection in the mirror. 

There were no hotels in Green Bank so she was staying in a rustic farmhouse which wasn't fancily decorated to resemble a farmhouse like on the reality TV shows, but was indeed a real life two story white wooden house situated near the barn, the corrals, the cows, the pond, all of it.  She plugged her fingers in her ears until the roosters stopped crowing.   She sighed again and said to herself, "I'm never gonna get used to the sound of those roosters.  Give me the subway, airplanes, train whistles, horns honking any old day."

She was practicing her accent.  She was mimicking lines from the script.  She had been born in New York city.  There was nothing backwoods about her. 

Rachel checked her watch and grabbed her cell the calendar notified her that she didn't have another appointment until Monday with her speech coach, the one trying to make her sound like she came from below the Mason-Dixon line.  She drummed her fingers on the counter and rolled her eyes as the roosters started crowing again.  "Why that rooster doesn't know when sunrise is?" she mumbled in a half northern have southern accent. 

It was the weekend.  Most of the crew was local and had gone on home.  The others who weren't local had found transportation, cars, hitched rides, car pooled, anything to get out of the quaint unplugged town stuck in the Quiet Zone due to the astronomy center.

She was on her own.  She was unplugged.  She had two days all to herself.  She had two days of perfect ineffectual silence.

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