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"Want to invite Dawson over?" Luke asked as all the guys planned to have a big party for a football game- which sounded fun.

"Sure" I shrugged out, seeing him send me a quick wink.

I texted Dawson the plans and times, getting an immediate response

I'll be there!

We all worked together to prepare the house, straightening up, starting to cook, making sure everything was nice.

Soon people were showing up- mainly doctors.

A few had kids, which Nick could thankfully go and play with.

Soon Dawson was here- immediately being welcomed by Luke.

I watched as he shook hands with each of the guys before looking to me.

"They make me so fucking nervous" he whispered out a laugh.

"That means they're doing their job" I laughed with him.

We hung out with the guys for about an hour before going up to my room.

I kept the door open, sitting in bed, him and I talking about school and other people.

"You've got a nice ass house" he laughed after a moment, glancing around my room.

"Thank you" I laughed lightly, nodding in agreement.

The more we talked- the more I knew

I had feeling for this dude

And that was a scary thought for me.

"Who is this?" He asked, picking up a picture frame from my dresser, a picture of me, my pregnant mom and my dad.

"My aunt and uncle" I lied, the lie burning.

He nodded slowly, setting the picture down before looking to me, crawling into bed, coming straight to me,

Due to my knees being pulled to my chest, his abdomen pressed again my knees.

I laughed lightly as he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

He smiled before slowly leaning into me, and I certainly did not move away- I dropped my knees, moving closer to him, until our lips touched slowly.

He held my face gently as my hands stayed connected to his shirt, trying to pull him even closer.

After the kiss got pretty intense, he moved to my neck, making me immediately shut my eyes.

All of this shit was new

And all of this shit made me paranoid that the boys would walk in at any moment.

After several seconds he pulled away with a smile.

"I swear- I've never wanted someone as much as I want you" he spoke, pulling my body closer to him.

"Woah" I spoke quietly as he cupped my boob slowly.

"Too far?" He exhaled, raiding his eyebrow to me.

"This is all just-" "new, I know" he quoted me.

He exhaled, falling onto his back in silence.

I stood, planning to go to the bathroom, but as I passed my mirror, I noticed a dark spot on my neck.

I immediately panicked

I ran to the mirror, looking to my neck.

"Dawson." I spoke, turning to him.

"What?" He questioned.

"Look at my fucking neck!" I yelled to him, seeing his eyes glance to the spot before back to me.

"What, you don't have make up?" He asked.

"I live with fucking doctors- no make up is going to fool them-" "they're doctors, not detectives, stop tripping." He spoke.

I rolled my eyes, slowly putting make up over it until it wasn't as noticeable.

He walked into the bathroom as I pulled away from the mirror, looking at it from a distance.

"Perfect, they'll never notice"

But yet I couldn't help but know

They're smarter than most normal parents, and it doesn't help that they're young as fuck- they know shit.

But I tried not to freak myself out, I told myself it wasn't noticeable and I went downstairs with him.

I held his hand as we stood in the kitchen alone, listening to all of the people in the living room yelling over the game.

"So" Dawson spoke slowly, putting his body in front of mine.

"When are you gonna let me hit?" He spoke, a confident smile on his mouth, but to be honest- I didn't like this, it made me question why he was actually here.

"Hit as in-" "fuck" he spoke as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

"Not for a while-" "I know you're a virgin, but I'll go slow- it won't hurt-" "can we not talk about this?" I asked him slowly.


I stood in the dining room, not meaning to eavesdrop, but it surely was happening and I surely no longer liked Dawson.

"Stop being so prude- this is something people talk about" Dawson laughed back to Aubrey, who had just asked that they not talk about sex.

I wanted nothing but to walk in and kick his ass out, but I was trying to be cool- I was trying to not do anything Aubrey would hate me for.

"It's not being prude, I just don't want to talk about this right now" she spoke innocently.

I wanted to save her from this conversation.

"Come on, do you realize how many girls in our school there are that would die to have me between their legs?" He spoke, making me squeeze the napkins in my hands into a ball.

This dude didn't want what Aubrey wanted

He wanted to ruin her, just like all highschool boys

He wanted to have sex with her and leave her- and I knew that, and I wasn't letting that happen.

"Dawson, do you just want sex?" She asked him quietly, and I could hear the hurt in her voice- letting me know, she had feeling for him.

"No baby, I just want you. I want a relationship, I want a future with you."

Bull fucking shit

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