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{ Aqua POV }

We arrived at Leah's crib.

Me: open your doors hoe

Beyonce: dere fucking open Thot

Me: suck my ass

I opened up the door and brought Calum with me. I kinda forgot that he was with me cause he was hella quiet.

"Aquamarine Leigh Hayden you made it." Joey said. "And you brought a man candy."

"He's not for you and bitch I told you I hate my full name."

"Your name is Aquamarine?" Calum laughs."doesn't this get better."

"I told you it's like my mom was on acid when she named me." I said.

"I ordered pizza so were gonna wait to play the movie." Leah said." But in the mean time Calum tells us about yourself."

"Uhm my last name is hood. I'm 5'7 I have a secret crush on Demi Lovato. My favorite movie would be friends with benefits."

Me: of course your favorite movie would be friends with benefits

Fuck Budday: ;)

"Well I'm Leah Nicole Rose, one day beyonce is going to adopt me-"

"No the fuck she's not she barely know a low life like you." Joey laughed.

"Don't you got some dick to suck?" Leah asked.

"Nope that's not on my schedule I had to push it back to make time for this." He joked.

"You guys need to calm your tits lmfao." I said.

"Why said lmfao when you could just do it." Calum asked.

"Because I can do whatever I want gosh lol." I said to annoy him.

"So Aqua do you know Branson Green?" Leah asked.

"Yeah why?"

"Well he has a crush on you and I gave him your number so he should be texting you anytime soon." Leah said.

"Don't be giving my number out to strangers." I said.
She just laughed.

The next few minutes we just sat and messed with our phones. My stomach was starting to growl. I haven't ate since lunch and Its killing me.

{ Calum Hood POV }

Me: when tf is this pizza gonna be here I'm hungry asf

Watah: I'm saying I haven't ate since lunch

Watah: and its killing me just like this silence

Me: I would talk but I'm afraid of Joey

Watah: why

Me: he might try to rape me

Watah: Lmfao

Me: -.-

Me: you aren't gonna protect me

Watah: don't you have a dog for that?

Me: leave Morgan alone

Watah: why do you even date Morgan

Me: I'm popular she's popular so it's kinda our law

Me: why do you even care

Watah: I don't

Watah: I was just wondering.

Moments later the doorbell finally rang.

"Thank God." Leah said as she ran to the door.
"Your late as hell so that means free pizza" she said as she grabbed the pizza from his hands then shut the door."Now who's ready to watch a movie?"

[ After the Movie ]

"Thanks for inviting me guys." I said as me, Joey and Aqua walked out the house.

Joey got in his car and drove off.

I got into Aqua car and she drove me home. We kinda drove home in silence. Which was strange. Normally we talk.

"Here you go." Aqua said as she pulled up to my house.

"Aren't you gonna stay the night?" I asked.

"Nah I like my bed better." She smiled.

I got out the car and waved goodbye. I was going to spend another night in this empty house alone.

Me: babe come stay the night :)

♥Morgan♥: sure bby I'm on my way ;)

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