Chapter Twenty ~ Return of the Raccoon Eyes

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Chapter Twenty ~ Return of the Raccoon Eyes

High school has taken a toll on me.

I also didn't know when to end this chapter, so I just kept going and going... Oh Well!

Last time on TDIMG: Coach has been caught by the police and now is suffering with charges, Grace Ava's best friend is pregnant with Braxton's baby (Cooper's best friend) but Braxton doesn't know it. Now Cooper has just arrived on his motorcycle during Ava's gym class as a spontaneous act of love and wants her to get on the motorcycle with him- BUT WILL SHE? That's what you missed on TDIMG.

Ava Chance

I stared at him in shock.

Not only did shock overcome me but as well as pure happiness as I stared forward at Cooper.

"Come on beautiful, take a chance." The phrase kept replaying, over and over in my head.

There's nothing more I'd rather do than take a chance with you Cooper, I thought.

Everything didn't matter at this point. In this little moment, I could care less about Coach, Grace's pregnancy, or even all the missing people flyers I'd have to make for my gym class. Nothing mattered.

"Did you plan all this?" I yelled over his engine. 

He nodded his head while he squinted at the sun behind me. Cooper had just admitted his feelings for me; the amount of bravery that would've taken me was unimaginable. 

If he was going to be brave for me, the least I could do was return the favor. 

Trusting my gut feeling inside of me, I decided to push through all the nerves. 

"Let's ride." And nobody could've missed the smile flash across Coopers face.

The motorcycle ride was a good ten minutes long to our apparent destination but as he started to slow down by a nearby park, it got me thinking.

Thinking about how fall was clear in the air with different colored leaves dancing with the wind on the ground. Thinking about how cheesy I felt and Imagining Cooper getting this Idea straight from a book.

It got me thinking about how I could feel Coopers heart beating a fast beat while our bodies were pressed together or how my heart was going just as fast.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when the engine of the motorbike ended and Cooper began to take his helmet off.

Following his suit, I took off the helmet that was occupying my head and slowly slipped of the bike without falling. 

When Cooper stepped off his bike I took in his outfit, a black button up elbow length t-shirt, Blue jeans and black combat boots with his hair devilishly styled up while wind blew through several loose pieces.

"Ready?" He asked, holding his hand out as he turned towards the park.

"Ready." I nodded, grabbing his hand and swallowed down the butterflies.

I knew I wasn't dreaming but it felt like it by the way I was feeling. I pinched myself just to be sure.

And what I was feeling was Pure Bliss.

The park wasn't like a children's playground but more of a calm walking area filled with trees and a fountain.

But I didn't know exactly what was going on with Cooper and me, were we still friends, more, or were we going to go back to nothing at all after today?

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