Chapter Nineteen: A Surprise After Parole (December 8, 2013)

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Everett Maxwell Creshaw 

Theodore James Creshaw 

Langston Jeremiah Creshaw 

Ashton Leonard Creshaw 

Nolan Rhys Creshaw 


Caroline May Creshaw

Julia Faith Creshaw

Addison Olivia Creshaw

Reagan Kennedy Creshaw

Harper Baylee Creshaw

     Ryan was confused and slightly disappointed. "Everett and Addison, really?"

     "And what's wrong with Everett and Addison?" Sydney inquired.

     Those names (well, mostly Everett's middle name) reminded Ryan too much of Greg and his mother, Ms. Addison, but he wasn't going to admit that to Sydney. "...I just don't like the sound of those names."

     "Alright, genius. If you don't like the names I picked out, give me a few that you came up with," Sydney suggested.

     Alright. So Ryan suggested Nathan Elijah for a boy and Audrey Hope for a girl.

     "Audrey Hope?" Sydney said with a disgusted look on her face.

     "What, you don't like it?!"

     "It sounds so... so old!"

     "Oh, and Theodore, Langston, and Caroline don't sound old?"

     "Yeah, well... those are vintage names. Audrey sounds like an old grandma's name. Why do you even like that name in the first place?"

     Before Ryan and Sydney could argue about baby names, Greg came inside with a small, petite Asian woman... who was also pregnant.

     "Ryan, Sydney, this is my little sister, Eun," Greg said.

     "It's nice to meet you two," Ms. Eun said, taking her hand out for a nice shake.

     Sydney and Ryan stared at Ms. Eun's stomach for a while. "So, you're expecting, too?" Ryan asked.

     "Yep, I'm due May 1st!" Ms. Eun chirped happily, rubbing her stomach.

     "Congratulations," Sydney said, "Is it a boy or girl?"

     "I just got checked today," Ms. Eun, "And-"

     "Aww, congratulations!" Sydney cheered, "That's just so sweet!"

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     "Aww, congratulations!" Sydney cheered, "That's just so sweet!"

     "Aww, thank you so much!" Ms. Eun said, "I know that Megan's going to be so excited about this!" Megan was Ms. Eun's oldest daughter.

     "That's just so adorable! What's her name going to be?"

     "We've named her Anna. Well... technically, Megan's named her Anna after Anna from Frozen."

     Sydney looked over at Ryan. "Anna. Isn't that a nice name?" she whispered arrogantly and rather meanly.

     Yes, Anna was a nice name. No, Ryan wasn't going to admit that to Sydney. "We're having a son," he announced.

     "How do you know that?!" Sydney inquired.

     "I...I just do, that's all," Ryan answered feebly.

     Ms. Eun wanted to know, too. "Didn't you guys just announced that you're expecting? Because I don't think that the doctors can detect a baby's gender that soon."

     Ryan hunched down low and mumbled, "It's a family history thing."

     Sydney and Ms. Eun stared at Ryan for a while with this 'keep-telling-yourself-that' look on their faces before they sat down at the kitchen table and opened Sydney's notebook.

     "So, these are the names you're considering?" Ms. Eun asked Sydney.

     Sydney nodded. "Yep. And also, Nathan Elijah because somebody thought that was a good name." She looked at Ryan when she said that last part; Ryan just rolled his eyes.

     Ms. Eun stared at the names for a while before she said, "You know, some of these names are becoming really popular recently. You know, names like Theodore, Caroline, Everett, Addison, Ashton, Nolan, and Julia."

     "Yeah, Ryan said those names are old-sounding," Sydney said.

     "Yeah, vintage names are becoming really common. Half of my students have those names." Ms. Eun taught a morning preschool class.

     Sydney looked at Ryan with shock and anguish on her face. What the fuck? "What about Harper?" she asked, "Harper's a pretty good name, isn't it?"

     "Oh, Harper's a really popular name. I have two girls named Harper in my class."

     Shit! Sydney turned around and saw Ryan trying hard not to smirk at her. She wanted to tell him not to be such a fucking jackass, she decided not to because Ms. Eun was still in the room. So she sighed and said, "Well, I guess that just leaves Reagan Kennedy then..."

     "Ehrm, yeah. What about Nathan Elijah?" Ryan asked, "In case I'm right about the baby being a boy."

     Sydney rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue. "Yeah, that." She got up and said, "I'll see you soon?"

     "Yeah." Ryan got up and pushed his chair back. "Love you, babe." He walked upstairs to his room when Sydney and Ms. Eun left and almost made it when he bumped into James.

     "Jesus, watch where you're fucking going!" James grunted at Ryan.

     "Watch out yourself, jackass!" Ryan said back. He tried to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up, but for some reason his feet wouldn't move. Finally, he turned back to James and asked, "Did you hear about me and Sydney?"

     "No, what?" James asked, clearly not giving a shit.

     "Sydney's pregnant," Ryan said.

     James barely opened his bloodshot eyes, "Oh shit, what are you two gonna do?"

     "We're... We're keeping it."

     "...Damn, good luck with that." James walked downstairs into the kitchen.

     Finally, Ryan's feet were able to walk into the bathroom and clean himself up. Only when he finished and walked out of the bathroom did he realize that James's eyes were bloodshot and his breath smelled like alcohol. Since when the fuck did that happen?

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