Chapter 29: Heartbreak

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Chapter 29:

Opening my eyes the brightness burned. My body ached as the ticking of the clock echoed in my ears.

Pulling up my sore body into a sitting position I locked eyes with two wide eyes.

"Mommy, you're awake" she said in a trembling tone.

My heart shattered for a moment as I pulled her into a tight hug. "I'm sorry" I apologized as I felt her tears burn like acid in my bade shoulder.

Having sat down and comforting her for 2 minutes straight a white bright smile shined in her face. "I missed you" she said.

"I missed you too!" I yelled tickling her. Her giggles echoed throughout the room. "Okay let me go freshen up, go find your father and brother." I said with a smile.

Her smiled dropped slightly as she nodded, hurrying out of the bedroom. Raising my eyebrow, I dismissed her behavior.

I walked into the bathroom, my hair a horrendous mess, my eyes swollen and don't get me started on my breath, I'm surprised Caitlin didn't faint.

Getting into the shower and cleansing myself. After fully freshening myself inside out, I dressed and got walking.

My back still aching hindering my walking. I walked down the stairs towards the dining table where Sin and Caitlin sat down silently.

Looking around I walked past then towards the room next to Thd dining and outside the window.

"Isabelle, what are you doing?" Sin questioned.

"I'm looking for Jason" I said curtly.

Sin seemed confused as he furrowed his eyebrow at me. "Jason?" he questioned.

"What do you mean 'Jason?'. Stop playing around where's our son Sin?" I asked as I continued searching.

I looked in the kitchen and through the window to the outside. Yet there was no sign of him. My heart started going into a panic as I couldn't sense him anywhere.

Caitlin sit in the couch looking at me sadly as she watched me cautiously.

"Isabelle, my love we don't have a son." he said.

He was lying. There was no way we didn't have a son, I had 2 of them in me, I carried them both for 5 months straight, there's no way I don't have a son.

"Stop joking around Sin, now is not the time, where is he hiding?" I asked continuing my search, walking back upstairs with sun following me.

"Isabelle, we don't have a son" he said again.

"We do, have you fallen or something, Sin I'm pretty sure I have 2 kids, what's wrong with you today? Our son is nowhere in sight and you're not worrying" I said shaking my head.

"Isabelle, my love, you must still be feeling hazy, why don't you lie down a bit and-" I cut him off in a haste.

"The one that needs to lie down is you, my son is not in sight and I'm starting to worry. I'm perfectly fine." I stated adamantly.

Frantically opening every guest room on the floor I hurried towards Caitlin's room. About to open the door Sin grabbed my arm pulling me into his chest.

I tried freeing myself as he held on tighter but his hold only got tighter.

"Isabelle, you lost our son when you had Caitlin, remember?" he said speaking softly to me. his words had me frozen in his arms.

"No... You're lying, Jason is here Sin, I know he is." I said my eyes tearing. there is no way what Sin was saying was true.

"No he's not my love, we don't have a son." he whispered firmly as my arms went limp.

I don't have a son

I don't have a son

I don't... Have a... Son

So my heart shattered into a million pieces as memories came flooding back. I lost my son. The tears flowed endlessly in as sin he'd my tighter.

" I.. Held him..." I croaked as I continued to cry. "I held him as he didn't cry... Son he didn't even cry" I said as I couldn't hold back and cried.

"Sin's grip on my became tighter as his shoulders shook."

I carried both my kids with with strong heartbeats only to have one that didn't even cry.

We didn't have a son.


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