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I woke up to the baby monitor alerting me that she was moving.

I looked to the camera on it, seeing her moving slightly- telling me she was about to cry.

"I'll bring her" Luke spoke, getting up as I moved to get up.

"No Luke, stay asleep- she probably just needs to eat" I spoke quietly.
"I got her." He spoke with a smile, leaving the room.

I watched on the camera as the light flicked on and I immediately heard him talking.

"What are you doing, its three in the morning- it's not time for snacks!" His baby voice laughed out as he carefully lifted her, disappearing from the cameras view.

I soon watched him walk into the bedroom, smiling towards her.

He slowly handed her to me, making me immediately talk to her.

"Hi pretty baby" I spoke tiredly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, kissing her cheek gently.

For a few minutes we both sat there talking to her, giving her our undivided attention until she started crying, telling me she was hungry.

"I'll go get her a diaper, I know she'll need that next" Luke spoke, leaving as I set her up to eat.

She was eating by the time Luke returned, he threw the diaper and wipes on the bed before laying back beside me, resting his head on my shoulder, looking to the baby.

"She's so tiny" he commented, playing with her fingers slowly.

"I don't want her to grow up" I mumbled back, hearing him laugh lightly.

we were soon done feeding, making me change her diaper, seeing her laugh as soon as I was done.

"What's so funny?" Luke spoke, laying beside her.
She stayed staring to me, her dimples showing in her cheeks as she did.

"Happy baby" I whispered, rubbing her bare stomach gently.

After about an hour of Luke and I continually talking to her, rocking her and holding her, she finally fell back asleep, making us carry her back to bed.

I made sure the monitor was on before returning to my room, smiling to Luke.

"I'm not tired" Luke laughed out, lifting the blankets for me to crawl under, making me lean into his hold.

"Me neither" I laughed out, rubbing my face- knowing I needed to sleep while I had the chance.

We ended up watching Stranger Things, trying to put ourselves to sleep.

I ended up turning to face him, resting my head on his arm, hoping not focusing on the movie would put me to sleep.

Luke's hand instantly went into my hair, running his fingers through it slowly as his attention stayed focused to the tv.

As I heard the credits come on- telling me it was switching to another episode, I saw his eyes meet mine.

"Hi" he whispered with a smile, rubbing his finger across my cheek gently.

"Hi" I laughed back quietly, watching his eyes scan my face slowly.

"No eye fucking" I whispered, hearing him immediately laugh, pulling me closer to him as he did.

"No eye fucking." He confirmed through a laugh, his smile never leaving as he looked to me.

Butterflies were everywhere.

"Cas" he spoke as I brought my hand to his face, running my hand across his stubble.

"Hm" I hummed out, feeling his dimple, which made him smile even bigger.

"Nick never deserved you, you know that, right?" He spoke quietly.

"I know" I whispered slowly, feeling him sit up as he looked to me.

"He never deserved anything- not your trust, not your body, not your smile, not your cuddles- nothing, he didn't deserve any of it." He spoke firmly, never taking his eyes off of me.

"Why are you saying this?" I managed to laugh out.

"Because I want to be able to show you how you deserve to be treated." He spoke firmly, making me bring my eyebrows together, but before I could respond- his lips were on my own.

I instantly put my hands into his hair- kissing him back

All the bundled up and pushed away and denied feelings that I've had the past four years finally started coming out.

We pulled away, our foreheads touching gently, a smile firm on his lips.

"Starting now" he spoke quietly

"You will now exactly how it feels to be treated like a priority."

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