Chapter Eight

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I sunk into the seat as I closed my eyes, surrendering to the firm hold as my fingers gripped the hair at the base of his head while he suckled gently on my neck. He moved to kiss me as I placed a hand on his cheek, caressing while I reveled in the intimacy, deepening the kiss to the point where I lost all sense of space.

"Hi," I said breathlessly when we ended the kiss, Winston nuzzling my cheek as he hummed a response.

"Why are you here?"

He gave me a final kiss before leaning away, wrapping an arm around me so I could rest my head on his shoulder, "Wanted to have dinner with you."

"It's still so early. I could have snuck in a nap..."

"You can if you want to, I was just planning on eating at home."

"Fine. Straight to bed."

He turned his head at that, an evil expression on his face, "To bed, too right."

Laughter bubbled from me as I bumped his shoulder before closing my eyes, appreciating the calmness that had returned to life.

My life has been easy, too easy, and free of hassle. My tiny family has spared no expense in making me the prince of their lives - Dad, Poppy and Rupert. This eventful time with Winston has been the most exciting after my unceremonious break up with a boy who liked to choke people, as I discovered when we began getting hot and heavy. Needless to say, he went just too far the first time we were going to go all the way and I fainted even before we could do anything, leaving him panicky and frustrated, and me choked and bruised.

Neither my family, nor my friends were happy to see the marks of gentle lovemaking which I couldn't hide in the heat of summer. Things soon became awkward and I realised long term would be useless if his idea of pleasure ended in me not breathing - I conveyed my feelings which he didn't appreciate, Rupert conveyed his feelings and he had to appreciate.

I opened my eyes when I felt the car come to a standstill, finding us in a secluded parking spot. We stepped into an elevator and I rested my head on the wall, waiting to be on a bed already so when we finally reached the penthouse I caught Winston's hand and urged him to move while throwing my things on a table near the entrance.

"A snack before you sleep?" Winston asked and I contemplated before agreeing.

"On the bed?"

He gave me a smile and lead me to his room, removing his jacket and telling me to be comfortable while he brought me something to eat. By the time I stripped from my sweater and jeans and freshened up, Winston was waiting for me on the bed looking through his phone so I went to join him as he welcomed me with opened arms and I laid down on him while placing a kiss on his chin. I sat up after a while, and grabbed the sandwich he'd brought, giving him occasional bites till I was done and ready for a nap. I retook my position on him as he pulled the duvet over us and wrapped an arm around me.

The stationary hand soon took to stroking my back and eventually ventured lower till he was gently massaging my bum. I squirmed to the touch and lifted my head to look at his face which was serious with intent and his eyes immediately captured my own as the pressure of his fingers increased.

"I'm trying to nap," I whispered, yet pushed back to his touch, unable to resist the temptation.

He gave me a sinful smile in return, I could feel his arousal as his hands moved beneath my boxers now making me sit up on his stomach as I helped him take that off.

We switched positions after a while as Winston nipped and suckled, making me moan at the sweet distress. Languorous caresses increased in urgency as I tugged at his clothing and allowed him to touch me in ways I'd never been touched before.

I braced for the pain, slightly distracted by his wandering hands and groans of pleasure as he whispered words directly into my ear. Slow steady movements gave way to fast strokes in the chase for satisfaction even as the ache built with the mounting bliss. I cried out loud when I reached my peak and dragged my fingers down his back as he followed after a while, kissing me deeply as he finished.

Winston guided my limp body to lay comfortably after dropping kisses around my face and muttered a low, "Sleep, baby," before bringing me to a snug embrace as I let exhaustion pull me in.

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"Max, wake up."

I opened my eyes to see Winston looking at me from above, halting in his attenpt to wake me. My eyes pricked as I struggled to keep them open, a sign that my sleep was not complete and I needed to sleep more, so I shook my head at him and pulled the duvet over my head.

It was ripped from my face as I was pulled up by a strong set of arms. I snuggled to his warm body and wrapped my arms around him, tucking my face into his neck as he rubbed my back.

"Hey, baby its time to eat," he coaxed.

"And I'm sleepy," I grumbled, nuzzling him.

"Yes, but the sooner you eat the faster you get home to sleep."

"Don't you want me here, " I muttered, disgruntled at the constant talking.

"You know I do, you also know your father will come looking for you if you don't get back for the night," came his firm reply.

One hand of his trailed lower while caressing and massaging, "Are you hurting? You'll feel better after a bath."

"Uhuh," I moved my arms from around him and sluggishly threw the covering off to get out of the bed and into the bathroom as he got up with me, steering me in the direction.

I sunk into the waiting hot bath and rested my cheek on its edge, preparing to snooze as the warmth soothed the ache in my muscles but Winston's voice rang out clear and loud after a while, catching onto my act, "Do you plan to stay awake at bedtime?"

"I'm tired and achy."

"As I can see, but dinner's waiting and so am I," he said with an amused expression and went out.

I decided to just finish with the bath so I'd have dinner and head home, as was his wish. So after I was out of the loving warmth and had rubbed on lotion, I wandered out in search of my clothes to find Winston talking on the phone.

He looked concerned, listening intently and then speaking in low tones, it sounded like he was assuring someone.

"It's fine, I'll call James and he'll come to you."

"He'll take you to get it done if required, don't worry."

"Yes, just relax, bye."

I stared at him for a moment before gathering my clothes to wear, ready in a moment to go. He ended the call and started typing on his phone as I went up to stand in front of him.

"Who were you talking to?" I asked curiously.

"A friend. Come let's eat, then I'll drop you home."

"Wow, I feel the love," I said, giving him a plain look.

"You should, " he said briskly as he guided me out to the dining room with a hand on my back.

Food was already laid out with a girl standing nearby waiting for us as we had a normal, calm dinner with minimal talking as I concentrated on my plate of vegetables while thinking about how different this relationship was from my only brief trial with the breath-stopper, more so since I knew this was serious with no play.

Winston took me home soon after that, hugging me to him as I came out of the car, "Has the ache lessened?"

"It's fine," I mumbled into his shoulder, not willing to let go.

He caressed my sides as he pulled back, kissing me goodbye with the promise of the upcoming meeting before I left.

Poppy was sitting with Dad in the living room as I went upto them to give them both a hug before I went to my room, and spoke up in an astonished tone, "What a colorful day," while staring at my neck. I simply smiled as I walked away.

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