Another Day In Hell

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{Jack Johnson's POV}

Another day, another beating.

When my alarm goes off in the morning indicating I have to go to school, my stomach turns and I feel sick.

I used to love school. I got good grades, had nice friends, all the teachers loved me. Then I moved. My parents went through divorce and both started abusing me.

I still get good grades but to everyone else that considers me a Nerd. So that's why I get beat up at my new school.

The jocks that are on the football team are the ones that hurt me.

It's mostly after school and during passing period when there are hardly any teachers around.

Back to my alarm going off. I roll over and hit it and it stops. I sigh and sit up and whimper as I feel my back aching. My dad sure can hit.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom getting in the shower. Yesterday wasn't so bad. Chris, the guy who beats me everyday with his little football buddies was absent so I didn't get hit at school a lot.

Then I came home and I have abad grade in one of my classes currently and my dad decided to beat the living shit out of me. With his fist.

I tried to ignore the pain coming from my back as I stood in front of the mirror slowly taking my clothes off to get in the shower.

I turned and looked at my bare back and cringed at the black, yellow, purple circle just under my shoulder blade.

I took in a deep breath and took the rest of my clothes off sliding into the Luke warm water.

It stung a lot so I of course hissed as the water flowed over my back. I slowly washed my hair and face along with the rest of my body.

I was finally done and I got out wrapping a towel around my waist and heading to my dresser.

I dressed in black skinny jeans and a plain white tee. I wore white matching vans to go with that and my favorite cologne by Gucci.

I am finally ready and I head downstairs with my bag hoping my parents are still sleeping.

I walk down and see my mom passed out on the couch with an empty beer bottle in her hand and a bag of chips on her stomach with the chips literally covering her abdomen.

"Disgusting." I muttered under my breathe and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turn and see my dad.

"What did you say about your mother?" He said in a harsh tone.

"N-nothing." I choke.

He then proceeds to punch me in the stomach and I bend over in pain and he chuckles.

"Your a faggot. I never knew I'd end up with a gay son." he spits at me. I'm not gay.

"C-can I go to school?" I ask scared of his response for speaking up.

"I couldn't give a shit." He said.

I pull my bag over my shoulder again and head to the door. I walk to school and I hate it because if a bully sees me, he'll call his buddies and I'm screwed.

I finally get to school just as the bell rings and every time I'm late, I get yelled at by a teacher or worse I get sent to the principals office and they call home.

I walk into my first period and everyone is sitting and the teacher stands and gives me a disappointing look.

"Mr. Johnson, what's your story this time?" She asks quirking up an eyebrow.

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