Chapter 5: Thunder

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The quinjet flew through clouds as thunder rumbled close by. In the jet, Steve and Tony were next to each other, talking about the mission. Natasha was flying while talking to Fury on a Com link and Kaneki was next to Loki with a wet cloth around the ear that he bit.

"Sorry about biting your ear." Kaneki looked at the god with a apologetic smile. Loki glared at the ghoul.

"You dared to even touch your king, mortal. I will destroy everything you hol..."

"Yeah, shut up Hamlet." Tony barely glanced at the two as he continued his conversation with the Captain.

The quinjet suddenly shook violently as thunder boomed right next to the aircraft. Loki looked towards the roof with a glase in his eyes. Steve took notice of that.

"What's the matter? Scared of a little lightning?"

"I'm not overly fond of what follows."

Just then, the ramp of the quinjet opens and a man is standing there. He's wearing a suit of armor, not as high tech as Stark's, more of an ancient look with a red cape attached to it and a hammer in his hand. The man walks up to Loki and grabs him, then jumps out of the quinjet.

"Now there's that guy." Tony said, putting his helmet back on and walking to the ramp.

"Another Asgardian?" Natasha asked.

"Think he's friendly?" Cap asked as well.

"Doesn't matter. If he frees Loki or kills him, the Tesseract's lost."

"Wait. Mr Stark, we need a plan of attack." Kaneki said, putting his mask on.

"I have a plan. Attack." And with that Iron man was out of the quinjet. Steve quickly rushed towards the parachutes and puts one on.

"Steve, I'll see you out there." Kaneki stated as he walked to the ramp.

"KANEKI! Your parac..." Too late, Kaneki's body was swept out of the quinjet. As Kaneki plummeted toward the Earth, he saw the energy coming from Tony's suit. He straightened his body to increase his speed and aim at his destination.
Kaneki aimed himself in the direction he saw Iron Man's suit fly off to. Needless to say, his flight was short, the first thing he saw was a forest full with large trees, perfect landing area. He activated his kagune so he could wrap it around one of the branches.

Kaneki saw the man who took Loki from the quinjet and Tony exchanging some words and then he turned around and walked away. Then the man with the cape threw a hammer towards the suit, making him fall to the ground. 'Okay time to go against a god, Touka's going to kill me' Kaneki thought as he launched himself to the man.

Kaneki was not expecting the hammer to have a mind of its own, because it suddenly hit him without the man throwing it. He stumbled to the ground as Tony used his hand repulsers against the asgardian, who got knocked down. The man puts his hand up into the air and the hammer flew right to it.

He raised the hammer into the air and bolts of lightning went into it. He aimed his weapon to the Iron suit and the energy blasted towards him. Tony fell back, but then JARVIS in his suit stated that they had 400% percent power capacity.

"How about that." Then he blasted the man with a bigger power source now. Kaneki used his kagune to strike the man. The god grabbed one of his tentacle and flung him towards Tony, who was flying towards them both. The two men crashed midair and fell to the ground.

"Come on Ghoul, where's the guy who fought a god ten minutes ago!" Tony yelled, flying back to the man and punching him in the face.

"Come on, Kaneki. Let me out, I want to taste another god." Kaneki's eye glowed a hellish red. He had had it with her. He lunged at the man, who was focusing on Tony, grabbed him from behind and bit into his shoulder.

The muscle was harder to bite through, but the flavor. Kaneki hadn't eaten anything like this before, human or ghoul. It tasted like pure energy and it gave him a major sugar rush. The god was not as nearly as enthusiastic about a boy biting into his shoulder. He grabbed the ghoul a dropped him to the ground and tried to smash his hammer on him, but he had already moved.

"You dare to bite me, foul beast!" The man shouted, summoning his weapon. Kaneki just smiled.
"You ain't see nothing yet." And then his tentacle grabbed a tree and he disappeared.

Silence. The man looking around for the ghoul and Tony waiting to see what happened. Suddenly, a red blur pass the man and he felt pain where a fist had landed, he stumbled back shocked by the speed, and then another hit from behind. This happened multiple of times, each of which ended with a crazed laugh.

Finally, Kaneki swept the god under his feet and aimed the point of his tentacle at his throat. Suddenly something hit both of the men and separated them. The object went back to Captain America.

"That's enough." He said, jumping down from a broken tree. He looked at Kaneki with a concern look on his face. He then looked at the god.
"Now, I don't know what you plan on doing here."

"I've come here to put a end to Loki's schemes!" The man yelled.

"Then prove it. Put the hammer down."

"Um, yeah no. Bad call. He loves his hammer." Not that Tony had anymore time to say anything, because the man hits him with his hammer.

"You want me to put the hammer down?" The man starts to run to Cap, wielding his hammer. Steve covered himself with his shield. As hammer came down, lightning started to fly and then the two weapons clashed.

The sound wave and destruction that came after was explosive and dangerous. When the dust settled, the only man that was standing was the Captain. Kaneki had fallen over, during the shock wave. Steve was staring at the man.

"Are we done here?"

"Yes, it's seems I might have acted before thinking." The man said, dusting himself off.

"You think Hamilton, by the way its custom in Earth traditions to introduce yourself when you hit someone with a hammer." Stark said walking towards the quinjet, which had landed with Natasha picking up Loki in the meantime.

"I am Thor Odinson, God of Thunder. I came here to bring a end to Loki plans to rule the Earth." The Mighty Thor said as he followed everyone onto the quinjet. He sat down staring at Loki with a frown. Kaneki sat far from the others, left alone with his thoughts.


'Hello Kaneki.'

'Why are you here? I destroyed you.'

'Come on Kaneki, I said I would never let you go. And with all these new scents, I just couldn't help it. See you soon."

'Rize... Rize. RIZE'

"Man eater." Kaneki was snapped out of his thoughts. Thor was now standing next to Kaneki, looking at him. "You fight rough, dirty and powerful... I like that. What is your name warrior."

"Uh, you can just call me Ghoul."

"No. That ship has sailed, say goodbye. You name is Hannibal." Stark said, looking at the ghoul with a odd look on his face, like he was scared of something.

"No, I don't want..." The intercom interrupted him, saying they were aloud to land.

Kaneki needed to talk to Touka.

They needed to leave.
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