Smile, Your Beautiful :) [Chapter 3]

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The rest of my school day was back to normal. I had one more class with the three of them but they seemed to leave me alone. There were only a few times I caught them looking at me. Every time I would catch their eyes, they would turn away and whisper. It was extremely annoying. Morgan went home because she didn't feel good. It was sad. Not having my best friend to tell what happened. The only good thing was she didn't hear all of the rumors yet.

I walked out of the school to be greeted by the cool September air. All the teens were rushing to their buses or their cars. I slow down my pace. I like to enjoy seeing everyone call out to friends and even some making complete fools out of themselves.

I spotted Jason across the parking lot at his car. He was leaning up against it and was talking to some girl that was blonde with big boobs. Figured I thought picking up my pace. I didn't need to see that. I hate guys who think they ca get everyone. Yes, they are hot but there is more to a person than just looks. I need a real guy. One that wont cheat on me.

I finally made it to my car to see a note stuck in the windshield wipers. Odd.

I picked it up and then opened it.

'Turn Around.'

It was a weird note but I did what it said and turned around. I looked out across the rows of cars looking for what the note was talking about. Why did I have to turn around? I couldn't see anything that made sense. So I turned back around and on my car were roses.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion and grabbed the bouquet. I turned back around and came face to face with Casey.

I have two words for you....

Oh God.

"You like them?" He said coming closer causing me to back up into my car. I looked around once again to see tons of eyes on us.

"Casey, They are nice but I don't understand what your trying to do." I said admittedly im was so confused out of my mind. "It doesn't make sense."

"I told you early I wanted to get to know you." He said leaning down like he was going to kiss me. I could smell his peppermint breath.

I gulped in nervousness and turned my head just as his lips came down. He kissed my ear and it tickled. I began to laugh and Casey backed up and rubbed his head.

"Whats wrong with you?" He said incredulously.

"YO-U YOU KISSED MY EAR!" I said laughing harder.

"How is this funny? I was trying to be serious."

Now my eyes were watering and I started to hiccup trying to stop my laughing.

"I'm sorry. But I don't like you. Get over it. Oh and thanks for the roses!" I said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. Hey its the least I could do for embarrassing him for the second time today.

Once in the car I turned up You are so Beautiful by Escape the Fate. I started to pull out of my parking space giving Casey one last glance. He was just watching me with an amused expression on his face.


"I didn't know you liked Escape the Fate." A raspy but sexy voice came out of no where. I jumped up a little bit and twisted around. Good thing I was at a stop sign.

"What the Fudgnoodles Adam!" I said hitting my music off. "Why are you in my car?"

"Mine isn't working." He said hoping into the passenger seat.

"And this give you permission to break into my car and climb into the back seat?" I said annoyed.

"Silly I didn't break into your car!" Adam said giving me a disapproving look. "Do you really think I would do that?"

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