"It is," Liv replied, "You'll see."

"I'll see?" I asked, "How exactly?"

"You'll see," She repeated. I sighed in frustration.


I ran into Mrs. Knies' class breathless. I was at my locker, trying to get to class at the last minute possible, so I would avoid awkward moments with Seb. I was so caught up in rearranging my books, that I didn't hear the warning bell until it was too late.

"Julie, next time, make sure you get here a few seconds before I shut the door," Mrs. Knies said. I nodded as I silently sat down next to Seb. I made sure to keep my gaze away from him.

"I want to say that, I am a little disappointed at some of the packets I've read," Mrs. Knies started. Packet? What packet?

"This project reflects on real life matters, and I want you to take this very seriously," She continued. No, really, what packet?

"Only one pair had gotten a perfect score, which means that I was satisfied with all their answers. And that would be," She turned to us, "Seb and Julie."


"Wait, what packet?" I finally got the guts to ask. Mrs. Knies looked at me in such a way that I immediately regret asking.

"This packet," She handed it to me. I flipped through it, and saw that it was all completed in Seb's surprisingly neat handwriting. I glanced at him and he raised an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, of course. I just, uh, forgot which one it was," I blushed as I handed it back.

"We're going to read a poem today," Mrs. Knies moved on, passing each of us a sheet of paper, "I want you to fill this out before we read it."

I looked at the sheet of paper. The middle column had about seven questions, and there was a 'yes' and 'no' column on each side.

I read through the questions. Would you sacrifice all your money for love? Would you sacrifice your safety for love? Would you sacrifice your life for love?


I checked in the 'no' column for every one of them.

"Julie, why don't you share your choices with us," Mrs. Knies said.

"Well, uh," I felt my cheeks flush again, "I chose no for every one of them."

Almost every guy in the classroom hooted in agreement.

"Why?" She asked.

"Well, you know, love never lasts, and you'll always find someone else," I made sure to stare straight ahead, "So I don't think it's worth it to sacrifice anything."

"How about you, Seb?"

I looked at him without meaning to. He kept his eyes on me while he spoke.

"I think it's worth it to sacrifice for love. If you really love that person, then you would sacrifice anything you could for them."

"Two partners with two very different perspectives," Mrs. Knies smiled and nodded, like she had expected it.


I wandered around the empty hallway. I was supposed to be at lunch, but I didn't feel like going. I knew, deep inside, that it was because I wanted to avoid Hollie and Seb. I felt bad for feeling so negative towards Hollie, but I couldn't help it. I sighed again.

Then I stopped in front of the bulletin board, and decided to read everything on there, to pass time. One of the sheets caught my eye.

Spring Fest Crew Sign-Up Sheet.

I read down the list, and five names caught my attention. Seb, Hollie, Liv, Ethan, and Andy. Liv never told me they signed up. I could have signed up too.

But then I remembered that Seb was on there too, which meant I would have probably been against it. Maybe that was why Liv didn't even bother to tell me.

I heard someone coming in this direction. I quickly looked around, trying to see if I could escape to somewhere. I wasn't supposed to be wandering the halls during lunch. I held my breath as the person came into view.


I breathed out in relief.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, "Aren't you supposed to be at lunch?"

"I asked first," I said, avoiding his question.

"I'm supposed to go to the office to pick up something," Ethan answered, "And you?"

"I, uh," I tried to come up with an excuse, but failed, "Yeah, I'm supposed to be at lunch."

"Well, why aren't you?"

I shrugged, not meeting his eyes, "I ... didn't fell like it. You won't tell anyone, right?"

He grinned, "Guess you owe me again."

I rolled my eyes, "Can I ask you something?"

"Depends on what the something is," He replied cheerfully.

"You, Hollie, Liv, and Andy are all on the Spring Fest Crew," I purposely left out Seb, "And you didn't tell me about it? I could have joined you guys."

Ethan suddenly looked a bit ... nervous?

"Well, Liv said that you were busy on Wednesdays, which is when we usually have our meetings," He replied. Wednesdays. Dance class. Liv signed me up on purpose.

"Well, since I'm too busy," I replied casually, "I seemed to have missed something. Care to tell me what it is?"

God, I sounded so formal.

"Nothing much," He shrugged, looking past me, "Hey, sorry, I gotta go before my teacher starts thinking that I'm cutting class."

He gave me a smile, and walked into the office.

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