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{ Aqua POV }

School went by really fast. I'm kinda happy though cause normally it goes by really slow.

Leuh: was Calum technically flirting with you at chipotle?

Joey: no he obviously wants me

Leuh: just cause he looked at you once doesn't mean shit

Me: lmfao he dates Morgan

Leuh: watch if y'all get all flirty flirty were gonna have to make a ship name for y'all

Joey: I got one!!!!

Leuh: what is it? :) :)

Joey: Jalum

Me: -.-

Leuh: smh this guy

Leuh: any who are we doing movie night tonight. I got the movie Bling Ring

Me: uhh I don't know

Joey: whet uhh no bonquisha needs you to go *pats weave*

Leuh: lmfao this guy

Me: yeah I gotta I'm hella busy

Joey: I dare you to come to movie night

Me: -.- sometimes I hate this tradition at times

Beyonce: yeah like when y'all dared me to kiss the new kid last year.

Joey: Leah and if you didn't we were gonna embarrass you

Me: I Gtg bie

Joey: this bitch can't even spell

{ text with Calum }

Me: where do you live

Fuck Budday: 360 manderly lane

Me: okay be there in 5

I put my phone down and drove to Calum's house. I have to admit this is my first time and I was actually kinda nervous.

Like reasons girls don't like sex is because its like a banana going into a Rat hole.

I got out of my thoughts and put on a brave face as I pulled up to Calum's house.

Me: Aye I'm here

I got out the car and saw Calum open the door. He was standing there smiling and shirtless. His perfectly shaped abs have me feeling very heated.

"What's up babe." He said as I walked to the door.

He kissed my cheek and lead me inside.

"Nothing much really." I said.

"Do you got any plans later?" He asked.

"Yeah kinda." I said remembering that I'm dared to go to movie night.

"We'll you can spend the night here if you want to?" He suggested.


"You are really sexy Aqua, you know that?" He leaned in and kissed me.

I kissed back. The kiss got really heated. Calum picked me up and carried him to his room. We finally reached his room and he gently laid me down on his bed.

He started to kiss my neck trying to find my soft spot. I let out soft moans as he finally found my soft spot.

He put his hand underneath my shirt grabbing my boob. He finally kissed me again. Licking my bottom lip asking for entrance. I quickly granted it to him.

Our tongues were rubbing against each other almost like they were having a war while we made out.

Calum took off my shirt while continuously kissing me.

"C..Calum?" I moaned.

"Yes baby?" He said in between kisses.

"Be...Gentle... With... Me..."

I felt him grin under my lips. He took off my bra and kissed me from my neck on down.

The pleasure felt really good. I felt butterflies in my stomach as he gotten lower and lower.

Calum took off his pants and boxers showing his nicely sized boner. He noticed me staring and began to smile. He got back on top of me and started to take off my pants and my panties.

Calum started to kiss my inner thighs teasing me a lot. I was letting out soft moans as he was siting there teasing me.

He reached in his drawer and pulled out a small square package. He took out the condom and slid it on.

"Im gonna be gentle babe don't worry." He assured me as he entered me.

He kept going in and out in a medium pace.

It felt so amazing that I wanted him to go deeper. I grabbed onto the sheets and arched my back.

"Calum go deeper." I moaned.

"Your wish is my command babe"

He wended deeper and faster inside me. He kept that pace for a good 20 more minutes.

"Babe.. I'm about to reach my peak." He said breathing fast.

Calum pulled up and went to the bathroom to clean himself up. He came out and smiled.

My phone rang and I looked over at the clock. It was 7:30.

"Shit." I said.

"What's wrong babe?" He asked concerned.

"I have movie night with my friends." I said getting up from the bed and putting my clothes back on.

"Can I go with you." He asked.

"Sure why not."


Hey guys I really suck at any kind of smut but I read my fair share of fan fictions to at least know how to get them started.

So yeah...



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