The Children

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Hello.My name is Maple Paige Livingston.I am 13 years of age.I have a twin sister named Christy.We also have a little step sister named America and she is 8 years old.

My story starts 4 years ago.America and I were playing at the end of our road.We lived at the end of a long muddy dirt road.Well, America and I were riding our bikes when a little girl and boy started running down the long muddy dirt road.They ran all the way to America and me.They asked if they could stay with us.Of course America imitealy ran inside to ask Mom and Dad if they could stay.While she was gone the little girl and boy told me their names.They said their names were Jessie and Charlie.Jessie was 2 and Charlie was 5.Soon America ran back outside and said that Jessie and Charlie could stay till we could find them a home.That night nothing strange happened.

After about a month things started to turn strange.At night Jessie started to run out of the house.Then Charlie started to scream and chirp like a bird.Then before I knew it he did turn into a bird.A gost bird.

A year went bye and Jessie and Charlie still lived with my family and me.Jessie turned into a roadrunner and ran all over the house at night.Charlie would love to haunt America. America never got any sleep.She started to run all the way up the long muddy dirt road.

One day Jessie and Charlie followed America.When it was time to come in I went to get them.Then Jessie and Charlie came running into the house but America was not with them.I ran outside to find her but she was nowhere in sight.I ran up the long muddy dirt road all the way to the beggning of the road. I even checked the woods,(even though we never ever go into the woods).Still she was nowhere in sight, so I ran back to our house to tell Mom and Dad.

When I walked into the livingroom everyone,except America of course,was in the livingroom.Mom,Dad, and Chirsty were on the couch staring at Jessie and Charlie.Then I realized that Jessie and Charlie were putting Mom,Dad, and Chirsty under a spell.So my first reaction was to scream at the top of my lungs, but when I tried nothing came out.Just then Jessie and Charlie realized that I was standing there.They told my family to get me.I ran right out of that house and right up the long muddy dirt road.Then I ran all the way to Fancy Drive where my best friend lived.My best friend's name was Ceria Emily.

When I got there I ran into her house and told her everything.She said that my only problem was that I needed to see a mental doctor,so I just left and ran home.

There I found my family in the dinningroom.Then Jessie told them to chase me and take me to the basement.After I was in the basement, they put me in chains and Jessie came down.She said that I was never going to find America in my life time ever.Then she tried to put me under a spell, but for some weird reason it didn't work at all.All of the sudden I felt an outrageouse pain in my left arm.When I looked down I saw Charlie was an owl and he had sharp teeth.Then everything went into a blur.

When I woke up my whole family was staring at me, even little America.They said that they had took Jessie and Charlie far out into the woods and just left them there.Just then I started to scream and ran out of that house.When my family came out they asked why I had screamed. I just simply said that I had seen Jessie and Charlie in our house and they were gosts.

Jessie and Charlie haunted us for about a year when at last they stopped.That next morning there was a note on my pillow beside my face.I read it.It said that Jessie and Charlie were going to miss us because they were going to go to heaven and we would see them very soon.Then some weird things started to happen, like I think I started to go blind. Then Christy started to run away during the daytime, and America started to talk to herself.

On Monday America would scream and say that Jessie and Charlie as gosts were trying to kill her.Then on Tuesday I would scream and say that Jessie and Charlie were after me too,and on Wensday nothing would happen.The samething for Thursday, but on Friday Jessie and Charlie went to Christy and she would scream, too.Then on Saterday nothing would happen.On Sunday after church Jessie and Charlie came to play.They would haunt us and say they were going to kill us, some day.

Finally we moved.For about a month nothing unusal happened, but then on April 26th they started again.This time they kidnapped America, again.Then  a week later we found America in the woods.She had to go to the hospital and she all most died.

Then about a month later they came back.They struck Christy.We found her almost dead in her bed.There was a note beside her.It said these simple words.We are back. Want to play with the undead dead.Jessie and Charlie are hungry for you and your family.After a week in the hospital Christy walked with Jesus.That means  that Jessie and Charlie got one of us.

Then at Christy's funeral  Jessie and Charlie came to me.They dragged me outside and tried to hang me.At the same time they let me fall my mom and dad ran outside and saved me.Soon Mom fell very ill.She died a day later.Then America found a note from Jessie and Charlie. It said the following: We have two , now we are back for more.

Then a day later Dad suddenly just disappered.The police found him dead at the bottom of Angle Falls in Astrulia.As you already know we live in the United States of America.There was another note tied onto  him. It read the following:We want you, America.

Then a week later America got bite by Jessie and Charlie ,and she turned evil. A day after she turned evil she joined the rest of our family with God and Jesus.I found a note the said:We are coming for you now.

A week later I found another note. It said:We give up.We will leave forever.See you on the otherside.Jessie and Charlie.I was never so happy to see that note from two ghosts in my whole life.

That is my story on the two gosts named Jessie and Charlie.They both killed my whole family.Now I live with America's mom who is my step mom.For now they will leave me alone ,maybe.Goodbye for now.                  

                                                                           the end

We are back.Jessie and Charlie.

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