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"KATE THERE IS NO WAY I'M GOING TO GET HOPELESSLY INTOXICATED AT A CHILDISH HALLOWEEN PARTY." Wanda looked over at the overexcited girl who was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Come on Wanda! Maybe your  neighbour will notice you, even though I don't approve." Kate tugged on Wanda a little more, hoping to get her friend to go to the party. "I mean, your you and he's he, perfection meets the hair."

"Kate, the moment you get intoxicated is the moment in which Clint absolutely murders no only you, but me as well." Wanda sighed in frustration. "And you know my mother won't even let me out on Halloween, she's way too overprotective."

"Then what are your plans on Halloween?" Kate questioned, raising her eyebrow slightly.

"I'll stay in my living room, content on reading a horror book and eating some pizza."

Kate exasperatingly let out a breath. "Another book! Geez how many do you own?"

"Enough to take you a lifetime." Wanda replied, smirking slightly.

"Four books?"

"No fifteen you dingus."

"That's nearly eight lifetimes you idiot."

Kate jokingly punched Wanda's shoulder.

Wanda's eyes averted around the room when she heard the constant chattering of some idiots mind. Talking about the pathetic party and their plan on what to do with their hair and what to wear. Something about Farrah Fawcett spray or something like that. Immediately she could tell who was thinking the absolute idiotic things and met the gaze of Steve Harrington.

His eyes were filled with a certain amount of confusion on why his neighbour suddenly looked at him. His thoughts were obnoxiously loud and represented himself boldly. He illuminated with pride and his ego was significantly large. He didn't seem to care about anyone but his hair and was obnoxious.

Wanda wasn't very fond of him and he of all people was going to the Halloween Party.

"You know Steve Harrington's going to the stupid party, right?" Wanda, despite only knowing Kate for less than a month, knew Kate hated the hair obsessed boy.

"He isn't, tell me your lying." She silently begged Wanda was lying. She looked at her friend for a sign she was bluffing only to see none. "I'm crashing at yours on Halloween. Clint thinks I'm going to the party and actually socialising."

"You told him you were going?"

"What I didn't know the thing is going. I'm not a mind reader!" Wanda awkwardly bit her lip, knowing that Kate was still clueless on the whole 'hey, I'm this freak who can make red come out of my hands' situation.

"Touché." Wanda dryly replied, grabbing her bag and swinging it over her shoulder.

"Wednesday, 4:41. Be there or I'll stab you in the eye with your arrows." Wanda smirked lightly at the long black haired girl.

"Why such a random time? Why not half past?" Kate asked.

"Because my mother will be at an interview to become apart of the Hawkins Police department meaning we'll have the house to ourselves whilst my Mother argues her Feministic ass off trying to actually get a good paying job."

"Sounds good."


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