Chapter 1

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Izu's POV

Hi I am Izuku Midoriya and well let's talk about my quirk or I should say quirks real quirk. So I like to call it Heal and Damage Plus. The plus part is just what isn't said for my quirk. Well let me just put this all in a list and Description.

Quirk name: Heal and Damage Plus
Quirk 1: Edit
Description: Edit make it so I don't have any drawbacks if I don't want any to which I keep on at all times.
Quirk 2: Heal
Description: I can put anything into the state it was before it broke, scarred, wounds, organs lost or damaged, limbs that are missing, people who are dead within a month same with plants, and even more then that.
Quirk 3: Damage
Description: I can damage anything I want as long as I can fix it with Heal
Quirk 4: Teleportation
Description: Basically I can teleport myself or others and things in general without a portal like Kurogiri.
Quirk 5: Dream
Description: I can put anyone to sleep and control there dream if I want to also it is easy to wake someone up with this quirk also.
Quirk 6: Protect
Description: I can protect anyone with a dome that can be as close to there skin also I am the only one who can get into it by quirk or not
Quirk 7: Beam
Description: The beam is either Light or Rainbow most of the time just mostly depending on how I am feeling. Oh and can chain my enemies.

And that is all of them. Well to say I really didn't like to use them when I was younger but now I am UA. All Might asked me to be his successor which I didn't expect since I told him I have to many quirks to handal already. Oh also my class only knows about Beam. Well it is because they didn't asked about it. Anyway we are being attack by the League of Villains at the USJ. When I just got teleported to the water and saw a villain about to attack me I was about to use Dream.

That was until Tuysu got me to the boat. Also guess who else was with us well it won't be a surprise since it was Mineta freaking out. "Hey Midoriya how do you think we should get out of here." By the time Tuysu asked that we were surrounded by villains who were in the water. At this point I am wondering if I should show one of my other quirks. That was when I remembered something about Beam. "Ok so I will keep them distracted while you and Mineta go towards land when you jump."

She nodded and grabbed Mineta. When she did that I use beam to gather all in one place and she left. I then went into the water to make sure they were in their chains and well use Dream to put them to sleep with their darkest dreams. I then joined Asui and Mineta at the hidding from the villain with hands. Unlucky he saw us and launch himself at Tuysu and I quickly got in front of her. I was happy Aizawa-sensei stopped him for a second until that was when my quirk acted up. Without my knowledge damage was active especially since his hand grabbed my arm.

I didn't scream in pain but he did since my other arm for the hand touch his and started to brake away skin all around him. Reason number one I don't like the quirk. Kurogiri then came over and was about to say something to Shigaraki. That was only until I notice he was unconscious and my arm began to heal. If you took one glance at Shigaraki you could say he was dead but I know he is barely alive. Then I cussed under my breath saying stupid quirk and other things.

Until All Might came through the door and began to save everyone. He also beat the Nomu and well I went over to Aizawa-sensei and started to heal him while some of the healing also went to Shigaraki and Thirteen. When I was done concentrating on Aizawa he was all healed same with an unconscious Shigaraki and I know part of my quirk was still working on thirteen. Soon the other teachers came and were confused. I just teleported everyone back to the entrance which surprised everyone.

Of course I just shrugged it off. When we got back to the classroom Nezu had to speak to us. Mostly to make sure Aizawa-sensei was properly healed. "Ok students you will get tomorrow a dorm room with one or two other people. Also stay in the dorms for the rest of the week while we make the security stronger." We all said ok and went home. When I got home I started to pack and wonder how I am going to take all my plants there safely. "Mom I don't know how to take all my plants to the dorms safely and tip top health they are in." "Well I can get you a plant carrier."

"That sounds great mom." We hugged and she went out to get some while I started to cook supper. The next thing I knew was I was with my class and all my things waiting to know who is my roommate or roommates. First Aizawa said the girls then then went onto the boys. "Ok Midoriya with Bakugou and Sero." "WHAT I HAVE TO BE WITH THAT NERD." "Bakugou calm down." "FUCK NO." I feel very sorry for my plants to hear his screaming and cussing. I of course didn't want to stick around to listen to the names so I just started to go to the dorm rooms and I was surprised Kacchan was dragged by Sero.

When we got there it looked like an appartment and I just went to the bedroom to find it having one bed and it was big. I just kinda blushed knowing there is no more rooms. "UM GUYS WE HAVE A PROBLEM."

Word count: 1028

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