The Alpha

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Will had carried me all the way back to the house, leaving a grumpy wolf-Brooks in the woods behind us

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Will had carried me all the way back to the house, leaving a grumpy wolf-Brooks in the woods behind us.

He didn't even attempt to follow, which I was sort of happy about.

I needed space and a few minutes to gather myself before facing him again.

Another part of me didn't care that he was a wolf, and just wanted to wrap my arms around his neck and never let go.

I was frightened of his father, and al I wanted was to feel protected.

I never felt protected unless Brooks was near.

This does explain the inhuman attraction between us. It always felt primal, like an instinct- maybe it's because he is an animal.

"You okay, Luna?" Will asks me, as the house enters my view.

"Why do you keep calling me Luna?" I tilt my head at the tall man, his brown hair piled on top of his head.

His eyes fill with humor, "Brooks will explain everything."

I scoffed at Will.

"I'm sure he will." I say, voice laced with sarcasm.

Will's shoulders tense, his eyes getting darker as he frown at me.

"Brooks wanted to tell you Emerson, in fact that's the reason he took you out for the day." Will tells me, making me shut my mouth and feel like a total bitch.

"I know it's hard to understand, so I'm going to take you to someone who will make everything more clear." He says, setting me down on the porch and opening the back door for me.

I furrow my brows at him, but walk through the door anyway.

"Will! Is the Luna okay?" A tall, red haired girl rushes towards us.

Her face was freckled, dotting all over her high cheek bones and sharp jaw.

Brown eyes sat under two thick brows, and long lashes.

She wore a green dress that hit just below her knees, and she looked like an absolute model.

I glance at Will in question, as she wraps her arms around me- knocking the air out of my chest.

Will chuckles, patting her shoulder so she would let go.

She leans back, a bright smile on her face as she stares at me.

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