The Truth

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I watched as a tear slipped from the corner of Mr

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I watched as a tear slipped from the corner of Mr. Luca's eye, as he laughed at a joke Maria had made about their sons.

My mind travels to how my own eyes water horrendously when I laugh as well.

Shut the hell up, already. My own conscious screams.

I was searching for similarities between myself and the Luca family, and it was honestly unhealthy.

A part of me longed for a family so much, that I began comparing every small thing they did to myself.

Like the way Maria cut every single thing on her plate into smaller bites before she ate.

How Amos' nose tilted up at the end like mine.

Or when Arlo gets nervous, he cracks his knuckles twice on each side.

I swallowed harshly, feeling a hand squeeze my knee under the table.

Brooks' blue eyes search mine with concern, but I brush it off with a small smile and tune back into the conversation.

"Stop laughing asshole, you dated a vampire." Arlo said to Amos.

Amos shrugs, "so, at least she didn't have facial hair."

I snickered at the two, shaking my head at their antics.

Maria pours Aurora more wine, filling the glass until it was halfway full.

"So, Emerson, how are you adjusting to living here?" Aurora asks, taking a sip from her wine and looking at me from over the rim.

I toy with my pasta, not really knowing how to answer that.

Don't get me wrong, I loved it here.

I had been starved of solid relationships and a good home cooked meal- and being with Brooks was an added bonus.

However, I couldn't get too comfortable here.

Things could change in an instant, and I'll be forced to live elsewhere.

A small voice in the back of my mind said that things would be different here, but I couldn't help but fear the worst in every situation.

"It's great." I settle on, sending her a smile.

She nods in approval, "can't be much worst than the shithole you lived in previously."

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