The Dinner

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Brooks gives me a smile before retreating into his bathroom, leaving me with a erratic heart beat and rosy cheeks

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Brooks gives me a smile before retreating into his bathroom, leaving me with a erratic heart beat and rosy cheeks.

"Change and get into bed, I'll be there in a minute." He calls over his shoulder with a smirk, before closing the French doors behind him.

I blink a few times, glancing down at the clothes in my clammy hands.

It felt weird to just change in the middle of his room, so I walked into the large closet and shut the door behind me.

Brooks had rows and rows of clothes and shoes, it was actually pretty amazing how organized he was for a boy.

I begin to peel off my clothes, which smelt of sweat and dirt from walking through the woods.

I let the clothes drop to the floor, placing the white shirt over my head and pulling on the shorts he gave me.

"Em?" Brooks calls from his room.

I gather my clothes in a pile, opening the door with raised brows.

Brooks' blue eyes trail over my body with a content smile, obviously liking that I was in his clothes.

I'm not sure why boys loved that so much, I'd be a little annoyed if someone had to borrow my clothes.

I guess when you have as many clothing options as Brooks, it didn't really matter.

"Why did you change in there?" He chuckles, peeling back the top sheet of the bed.

I toss my clothes to the side with my shoes, flattening out the shirt he gave me.

"I don't know." I shrug, walking to the opposite side of the bed from him.

Brooks smirks at me from across the mattress, but drops the subject.

"You have so many clothes." I chuckle, sinking into the soft mattress and pulling the covers back over my legs.

Brooks follows in suit, making my heart rate speed up as his body lays so close to mine.

He had shut the blinds and the curtains, making the room darker.

"Yeah, I need to donate some. I hardly wear most of them." He shrugs, turning his body to face mine.

"I think you have more clothes in your closet than I have ever had in my entire life." I laugh, rolling my eyes at him.

He frowns, making my smile drop from my face immediately.

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