The Almost Kiss

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My hands don't stop shaking as I race through the woods

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My hands don't stop shaking as I race through the woods.

A bright, full moon pours it's yellow light onto the tall pine trees around me.

It was freezing outside, but the thought of spending one more moment in that house with Bill made me want to puke.

I was still in shock of what happened.

Never had I been hit by a foster parent- actually, I've never been hit by anyone.

Processing what Bill said to me made my blood pump faster, urging me to find safety.

I didn't know where that safety was, but there was no way I could turn back now.

I knew if I went back to Bill, he would only get increasingly more violent.

A punch was next to nothing compared to what he would do to me if I came back.

I don't even notice that I'm running directly to where I last saw Brooks.

Maybe it was the subconscious need to be near him, or the fact that he made me feel safe.

He was six-foot-something, and layered with hard muscle.

Who wouldn't feel safe next to a man like him?

"Brooks!" I yelled out, tears streaming down my face, as I desperately looked for him.

I definitely looked crazy, but Brooks made me do and say things that weren't exactly normal.

"Brooks!" I screamed louder, hoping he was out for his nightly run somewhere.

I crumble to the ground, next to the giant rock we had sat on our last time in the woods.

The last time I was here with him, Brooks told me he was concerned about Bill.

I should have listened.

"Brooks." A broken yell, that turned more into a whisper, left my lips.

He wasn't here, and I was stupid to think he would be.

He was most likely at the bonfire, where I was supposed to be right now.

I couldn't show my face there like this, it would be the most embarrassing way to meet his other friends.

Wrapping my legs up into my chest, I leaned against the cool surface of the giant rock behind me.

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