The Promise

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Brooks and I drove back to the school in silence, and I could tell that he was in deep thought

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Brooks and I drove back to the school in silence, and I could tell that he was in deep thought.

I couldn't believe that he had trusted me enough to tell me that story.

In some sick way, it made me feel even closer to Brooks.

I realized that we weren't so different- we were both given a pretty shitty run at life.

His brows were furrowed tightly over hooded eyes, as he chewed on his lips leaving them pink and raw.

"Are you okay?" I blurted out, my hands twitching to hold his empty one hanging off the console.

He seemed to break out of his trance, with an open mouth and raised eyebrows.

"Yeah, just thinking." Brooks sighs, giving me a half-hearted smile with tired eyes.

My heart broke, because I recognized that emotion.

I had it every time I opened the box with my birth parent's photo.

It was defeat, sadness, and the overwhelming feeling of being lonely.

Maybe it was on instinct, or perhaps the surge of confidence I had, but I reached over and grabbed his warm hand into mine.

He seemed shocked, glancing over at me with a questioning look before his own hand tightened around mine.

My heart skipped a beat, as we held onto each other.

I didn't need to say anything, I could tell that he knew exactly what I was trying to communicate.

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." He says quietly, more to himself than to me.

I bite my lip with a secret smile, nodding at his words.

"I feel the same way." I mutter back, staring out the front window with tinted cheeks and a goofy grin.

I had never felt this amount of pure happiness for so long, it almost didn't feel natural.

But then again, when did anything with Brooks not feel natural.

Even when I was mad at him.

"Come to the bonfire tonight, I'm sure Clary will text you the address." He tells me, the same goofy smile still on his face.

I couldn't help but nod at his words.

"Okay, I will." I told him.

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