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The next morning me and Jaden woke up Tangled in eachothers and to the others in the room "ooo'ing". "What the hell do you guys want" Jaden said flinging the blanket over our heads. "lOvE bIrDs" Anthony stated. "We heard everything that was said last night" yewsif said. "WHAT" I said sitting up. " I LiKe YoU tOo JaDeN". "Shut up ant" I said chucking a pillow at his head.
"Mamas lay back down and cuddle I'm cold". "No we have to get ready for the show bubs" I said messing up his hair. "Ugh".
I was in the shower when someone walked in the bathroom. "Um hello", "oh sorry it's me I needed to grab my straightener" Jaden said chuckling. "Oh okay".
I got out, did my hair and makeup and got dressed into a REALLY cute/ edgy outfit periodt.

I walked out of the bathroom and no one was in the room

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I walked out of the bathroom and no one was in the room. "Every time I swear".
I went to Chases room and there they all were. "Y'all leave me alone everytime I swear". "Aww is bubs upset" jay said coming up to me hugging me. "Oh shut up".
We sat down on the bed with Cynthia and Chase and we were all just talking about the show and stuff. "y'all we needa leave" Jason said opening the door fanning everyone out. Jaden have me a piggy back ride to the center and fans were taking pictures of us and screaming. "Everyone is freaking out because your on my back, wanna make em go crazy". "Oh sure why not". He put me down and looked at me dead in the eyes like he was gonna kiss me then kissed my cheek. "Smooth" I said as everyone was screaming.
We all went and sat in the back where's no one could see us or anything and we're waiting to go on stage. "bro you look good today" I said to cynthia. " Have you seen yourself you look hot" she said fanning me. "I literally love you oh my gah". "Me at you" she said laughing.
They started calling us all on stage one by one. Fans screaming as each of us came out. Jaden stood beside me which made them scream even louder. "Your gonna make them go crazy" I whispered in his ear. "That's my plan" he said smiling. That damn smile, could literally melt my heart. I got caught up stating at him and totally ignored a question someone asked. "Will" ant said. "Huh, what". "It's your turn". I was so embarrassed I felt my cheeks heat up. "oh ,sorry what was the question again" I said laughing nervously. "Do you have a thing with any of the guys". Imma make em go crazy now. "I mean I do like one of them so I guess you could say that" I said winking.  Tons of fans screamed, some even screamed "I bet it's Jaden" or "maybe its Anthony". I just started dying laughing. Me liking Anthony HA.
They continued to ask questions for like ten minutes then we started to do tiktok dances.  When the guys would do the eye roll or the choke thing everyone screamed. As did cynthia and I, I mean it was hot so.
Me and Cynthia did the sin City dance and threw it back and everyone was videoing and screaming. "My wife" Jaden yelled. "I luh you" I yelled back laughing.
The show and meet was over and we were going out to eat at Texas Roadhouse clever I know.
I sat beside Jaden and cynthia in the booth with Chase next to her, and across from us was ant,Griff,Noen and payton. Everyone else sat at a separate booth. We were all laughing at the videos that were posted from today. There was tons of ship edits of me and Jaden and "baddie" edits of me and Cynthia. "Not gonna lie y'all threw it back pretty hard" Noen said giggling. "Thank you Noen baby" me and Cynthia both said. "Why don't we get a baby at the end of our names" Chase said pouting, "yeah" Jaden said. "awwww Jaden are you pressed" I said and kissed his cheek. "OoOoOo". "Shut up whores".
We got back to the hotel the same way we left, I was once again on jadens back. He said he didn't mind it so I didn't care, I was comfortable so. I took off my makeup and changed into a hoodie Jaden gave me and spandex.
"Yes", "it's jay can I come in". I opened the door and he was standing there smirking with black hair dye in his hand. "May I ask where you got this and whom it's for". "Well miss know it all I got it from Noen and it's for me" he said smirking. "And I want you to do it". "Okay fine".

"It looks so good, makes you look hotter then you already are" I said laughing. "Well thank you for doing it" he said kissing my forehead. "Anytime". We went to everyone's rooms to show them his hair and told them all goodnight since it was getting late.
When we got back in the room I turned on my laptop and me and Jaden watched Disney plus for over an hour until we fell asleep once again in eachothers arms.

Authors note
Hi. I'm sorry I haven't updated but here you go:))).


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