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{ Aqua POV }

"Lunch time favorite time of the day." I said walking with Leah and Joey to my car.

"Chipotle here we come!" Joey screamed.

"I don't think that they can hear you stupid." Leah laughed.

"What's with everyone being so bitchy?" Joey asked.

"Since you started sucking dick." I laughed.

"True. True."

I unlocked my car door and gave the keys to Leah. I let her drive to chipotle cause she is a fast driver. Reckless, but fast.

"Remember bitch get us there safe and sound." Joey reminded her.

Leah just rolled her eyes and smiled. We all knew what that grin meant.

"Ready. Set. Go." She screamed as she sped out of the parking lot.

Joey and I screamed in terror. I'm actually surprised that she hasn't even gotten a speeding ticket.

Fuck Budday: are you in the cafeteria for lunch?

Me: hell no we go to chipotle

Fuck Budday: can I join y'all?

Me: Erm sure but hurry up cause we only have an hour for lunch

Me: and don't bring your dog with you unless she's on a leash

Me: but then again Chipotle is a non animal zone

Fuck Buddy: Lmfao leave Morgan outta this and lol I won't bring her if it bothers you too much

Me: thank you

"We are fucking here bitch. Get out of the fucking car." Joey yelled from outside.

I guess I kinda didn't notice that we have made it to chipotle. Joey opened the door and pulled me out the car.

"I have fucking legs you idiot." I said walking into chipotle.

"Aqua don't worry about Joey he's on his period."she whispered.

"Hey I invited Calum to come with us if you guys don't mind." I said.

{ Calum Hood POV }

"Morgan I'm sorry I can't get out of this my mom said she has something to tell me." I lied.

"Okay." She sighed and left with her groupies.

Sometimes I wonder why I date her but I guess we both like sex. And Im popular and she's popular so It's kinda like a law for us to date.

Me: im omw water save me a seat beside you.

Aqua: sure

I made it to chipotle and found Aqua and her friends laughing.

"Hey guys." I smiled.

"Hello stranger." She laughed. "This is Leah and Joey."

They both waved at me.

"Wow your so sexy." Joey said.

"Uhm I don't swing that way but thanks." I said.

"Your gonna have to excuse Joey. His mom thought he was gonna be a girl so she raised him like one." Leah said.

I leaned over to Aqua.

"Is she serious?" I whispered.

"Nah she just fucking with you so just go along with it." She whispered back.

I just nodded.

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