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"Am I interrupting something?" Ashton entered, holding my naked child in a towel, but she was happy.

"No" I laughed out as Luke rolled his eyes.

"I don't know where diapers or clothes are." He smiled.

I led him to her room, where I gave him all the stuff he needed, watching him put a diaper on her before he picked her onesie to sleep in, putting her in it.

"I think I want one" he smiled as he lifted her again.

"Well I think Macey would take that offer-" "shut the fuck up" Ashton immediately cut Luke off, making us all laugh lightly.

"Is she hungry?" Ashton asked me, making me look to the clock.

"Nope" I spoke, knowing her eating schedule.

"Well she has a diaper on, she's not hungry, she's clean- what now?" He asked me.

"I usually rock her to sleep" I spoke, seeing him immediately head towards the rocking chair in the room.
Luke and I ended up sitting on the floor, against the wall, watching silently as Ashton rocked my child, a smile never leaving his face.

He had big time baby fever.

Within ten minutes I watched him slowly stand, laying her in her crib before looking to me with a smile.

"I did it!" He spoke proudly.

"You did amazing" I smiled back to him.

The three of us all hung out together, Ashton ended up cooking chicken, we played a few card games and just talked- it was very enjoyable.

"Well I better go home, we have work tomorrow" Ashton let out a stretch, making me stand to walk him to the door.
I hugged him tightly, feeling him kiss my cheek gently.

"I know Luke is here, but he's a heavy sleeper, so if you need any help- I'm leaving my ringer on, call me- even if you just don't feel like changing her diaper, I'll be more than happy to come." He spoke, making me hug him.

"Thank you, you're the best" I spoke, seeing him smile

"I really try"

I went back to the kitchen after Ashton left, seeing Luke washing dishes.

I walked up behind him, hugging him from behind, hearing him immediately turn the water off, turning around to pull me into an actual hug.

We stayed silent, just holding each other- it was enjoyable.

"Let's go to bed and watch a movie, I'm tired" Luke yawned after a moment, making me nod in agreement.

We quietly passed Cayden's room, going into my own where Luke turned on a movie as I changed into shorts and what I'm sure was Calum's shirt that I stole.

I climbed into bed as I saw him press play before ripping his shirt from over his head, turning off the light and running to make it under the sheets in time to see the first few seconds of the movie.

I laughed as he pulled my body into his own, feeling him place a firm kiss onto my shoulder.

I held his hands, which rested on my stomach, the movie making me more and more tired as it progressed.

"Casey?" Luke spoke just as I almost let my eyes shut.

"Yeah" I hummed lightly.

"I love you" he spoke quietly, making me smile

"I love you too, Luke"

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