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Luke and I immediately looked to each other.

"I'm gonna let you two handle that one" Ashton almost whispered, patting Luke's shoulders before carefully taking Cayden from my arms, going to the dining room, looking out the windows with her.

"That's a bad word, buddy" Luke spoke quickly, seeming more than uncomfortable.

"Then why are you and sissy doing it?" He asked, tilting his head innocently.

Luke and I looked to each other again, panicking on the inside but keeping calm on the outside.

"Your sister and I weren't doing it in a bad way" he spoke, making me immediately squeeze my eyes shut at the awkwardness of this conversation.

"What?" He asked immediately.

"Luke and I were just looking at each other and Macey thought we were doing something else" I summed up for him more simply, making him slowly nod.

He glanced between us as we stood there awkwardly- praying he wouldn't ask anything else.

"Can I go play?" He asked after a few seconds of silence.

"Yes" Luke immediately exhaled- seeming relieved as he helped Bentley off the counter- where he ran off, making Luke and I immediately break into laughter as he looked to me.

"I hated that" Luke spoke, covering his face with his hands.

Soon everyone was getting ready to go home, except Ashton- who was currently bathing Cayden, but I wasn't complaining.

I hugged Calum, who exhaled into my shoulder.

"I'm sorry" I whispered to him, knowing Macey was getting on his last nerves.

"Me and you need to go on another day trip, we'll bring Cayden on a hike or something, eh?" He suggested, and I loved the idea.

"For sure, text me and we'll pick a day" I spoke, seeing him smile, kissing my cheek before watching Bentley hug me, making me kiss his head before he took Calum's hand, leaving with him.

"Call me if you need anything" mom spoke, kissing my head as she hugged me.

"Can I stay here tonight?" Macey asked me, catching everyone- including Ben off guard.

"I want to be alone tonight, Macey" I spoke slowly.

"But maybe tomorrow-" "so Luke can spend the night every night, but I can't?" She shot to me.

"Macey-" "I'm beginning to think there's something going on between you two" she narrowed her eyes to us.

"He helps me with Cayden and he's only been here like two nights-" "but who's bed does he sleep in, because I know you don't have a guest room." She shot out.

"Why does any of this concern you?" I narrowed my eyes to her.

"This is okay with you?" Macey shot to Calum, who looked more than unamused.

"They're both adults" Calum spoke simply, sending her a 'what the fuck' look.

I could feel Luke standing behind me, making her glance between me and him.

"So what, you guys are dating?" She shot to us.

"Goodbye Macey" Luke laughed out lightly, making even my mom smile, which confused me.

Macey exhaled- turning to Calum again.

"So you're okay with your best friend dating someone who's basically your daughter?" Macey almost yelled.

"Macey, I don't give a fuck- they're both adults, they're not related, Luke isn't going to use her, if they're happy together- I'm going to happily support them, you should do the same." Calum spoke quickly.

She looked shocked.

"So if I dated Ashton-" "not happening" Ashton voice yelled from the bathroom, making me immediately hold back a laugh.

"What I'm saying is- if Luke would have wanted to date me instead of her, would you feel the same way?" She raised her eyebrow.

"If you and Luke were this happy, yes- I'd be fine with it. Now, stop asking questions and get your ass in the car, we haven't even eaten dinner" mom answered for Calum, making Calum laugh lightly.

"Bye guys, have a goodnight- call us if you need anything!" Calum yelled as they all got into the car, making me shut the door, exhaling as Luke and I looked to each other.

"What was that?" I laughed lightly.


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