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Malcom's POV
She wanted it to work. She wanted to do it together. She kissed me. I got Doctor Lauren to patch her up while she fell into a deep sleep. She didn't question how she got hurt and worked quickly on her.

She was drained. I could make the loudest noise and she wouldn't move at all. I grabbed a fresh towel and a bowl of water and started to clean the blood off of her body.

Her body had started to bruise from where he had hit her. I got angrier and angrier with every wound I saw. I should have known that leaving her alone was a bad idea.

"Lucas," I called through the link. As I waited for his response, I tried my best to rub the dirt off of her too.

"Yeah?" He finally responded.

"Find two of our best guards and keep them posted in front of Nicolette's room at all times and find a trustworthy male omega to help Nicolette whenever she's in my house," I instructed.

"Why male?" He asks. I take the bowl of tinted pink murky water and pour it out in the sink and rinse it and hand washed the towel.

"Nicolette seems more comfortable with males and I don't want her to feel uncomfortable," I said back. I would get jealous, a normal thing for a male to watch his mate with another mate but I didn't want Nicolette to be uncomfortable. The vampire she likes to keep her company was a male.

"Should we inform her of what she is?" He asks. I thought about it for a second but then realized if she had an outburst it would be confusing if they saw it.

"Yes but tell them if they tell anyone else I will kill them." Silence filled the link as I waited for his response.

"Alright I will get on that," he said. I shut the link and walked back into her room. She started to shift in her sleep and her face morphing into concern.

I sigh as I place my hand on her forehead. She was freezing and it's the heater being broken it wasn't helping. So much skin was showing from her choice of clothing so she must have been cold.

I sigh as I lift the blanket and climb into her bed and I felt her push against me. I smile lightly and slowly doze off into my own sleep.
"You call that a fight?" My father mocked me. I growled as I pushed up off of the ground. He kicked me back down and I choke for air. "Come on boy if you fall down this easily you won't be fit to be a proper King Alpha."

I let out a growl as I get up. I wipe off the dirt smudged on my face and lifted my arms up. My body aches from the blows he sent to my body but he would punish me if I didn't fight him.

We trained underground so that no one could hear my cries of pain. My mom never came down because she couldn't bare the sight of me being hurt by my own father.

"You never train this hard with Darius," I growl. I was just maybe 18 when this happened. Darius trained twice a week. I trained everyday.

"Yes but Darius is not my heir to the throne," he said. I hated it. Hated being the next person up to be seated on the throne but I was first born.
The soft movements of Nicolette's body woke me up from my sleep. I look down and see that she was starting to wake up. I looked at the clock and see it was 12:56, the next day.

We had both slept for almost a whole day. My stomach growled as I see Nicolette's eyes open. She let out a groan and rubbed her eyes.

"A whole day," I said to her. "We slept a whole 24 hours." She looked at the clock and her eyes widened but then went back to normal and she shrugged.

"I mean that's not a bad way to spend a day," she chuckles a bit. She seemed better, more lively.

"Is your energy fully restored?" I asked her. She held her hands up and sparks flew out of her hands and burst into sparkles around us.

"I'd say it's getting there but with food I think it would be fully restored," she hinted. I nod and linked the pack cook to come back down and make food. She stretched than looked down at her clothes and still dirty skin.

"I'm going to go shower first and change," she said. She went and grabbed a towel from her closet and sent into the bathroom. I heard the front door and I walked out of the room. Two men stood outside and then I remembered I ordered for two guards.

"Alpha," they both greeted. I nodded in acknowledgment and went to open the front door. It was the cook and an omega.

"Alpha," the both said.

"Are you the omega I sent for?" I ask him. He nodded. He was maybe in his 20s and he wasn't timid when acknowledging me like the others.

"Come in," I said. They both walked in and I asked cook to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon for Nicolette and I. I took the omega my office in my house to question him.

"Sit," I said pointing to the chair in front of my desk. The office in my house was smaller than the one in the pack house. This office is when I want to do my work somewhere quiet. I sat down in my chair and I took out a piece of paper and a pen.

"What's your name," I asked him. I don't treat my omegas as bad as other Alphas. They can live in the pack house and work. Hirers treat them differently though. Pay them less.

"Elijah, Alpha," he tells me. I nod and write his name on the piece of paper.



I went on with the questions and found out information. Elijah Hayle, 21, has a mate, has a job in the pack house. Gets paid two dollars an hours.

"Okay has Lucas informed you of who Nicolette is?" I asked him. He nods.

"She is a Tribrid with a witch, wolf, and vampire. She drinks two blood bags a day and that she's future Queen Luna." Of course Lucas has to tell him the last part.

"You work here from eight AM to nine PM for nine dollars and hours Monday through Saturday. Sundays you get off. You keep an eye on Nicolette. Change her sheets make her food bring water clean up and make sure she doesn't Is that fine?" His eyes widened at the amount I was offering him.

"Yes Alpha thats fine."

"Great you can start tomorrow but before you leave change Nicolette's sheets," I said. He thanked me and left. I walked out as Nicolette walked out in a dark green sweater and jeans. She wore laced boots and her hair was still a bit damp.

"An omega will be looking after you while I'm at work. Change your sheets bring you water and watch over you," I said to her. She looked at the two guards and pointed at them.

"Don't you think this is a bit unnecessary?" I shook my head and she rolled her eyes.

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