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"Look it's not time for you two to be arguing its enough going on" Samantha said while wiping Kross face.

    "I don't give a fuck anymore this shit is just beyond me"


"Then y'all gone continue it with Kross right here?"

"She on that dumb shit with her dumb ass!"

"Yet you're still here! I don't wanna make you unhappy if you not happy then you can go on! I don't want you here if I make you miserable or anything under such, I can deal with everything on my own"

"If I leave I'm taking Kross so don't sit here and be crying just let it be and definitely don't say I left you when you told me to leave"

"You're gonna take MY son? The one you barely seen until what? A few months ago because you quick to be in a studio? MY son that I FEED? CHANGE? AND SPEND THE MOST TIME WITH?"

"Only because I love you and my son right here, I wouldn't knock your ass out right now for disrespecting me cause I told you on numerous occasions about it but you consistently do it Lauren, WHY DO YOU KEEP FUCKING TESTING ME."  I really couldn't believe it, this nigga was standing in front of me talking bout disrespect when he just was overly disrespectful and disrespectful throughout our relationship. I got up walking over for the door. "You need to leave ," I said while holding it open.

"Bro are you serious right now you're the disrespectful one, chill out you ain't gone touch her"

"Sammy you stay your ass out of it cuz" Samantha rolled her eyes and got up with Kross in her hands, Of course he'll snap on Sammy for telling him he's wrong, Hussle and I been non stop fighting, The shit is like it got worse to the point we can't even be around each other. The tension was thick between us. Its been two weeks, and I talked to my mom she told me its that it's common for couples to fight a lot in the aftermath of pregnancy loss. I had no idea that it was normal, and so the fighting made a bad situation seem infinitely worse.

"You probably purposely crashed to kill our baby, thats how insensitive yo-" He stopped before he could finish.

I was lost for words from being so hurt I wasn't even that far along in my pregnancy and he said that as if he just knew it was true. The longer he stood in my face and expressed his self made me look at him even more different, at first I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but not any more.

  I started crying because that was a constant reminder, I couldn't believe he would think of me like that.  "Are you for real? you really think that low of me, Stay away from me and my baby since you think think that, I can't even believe you right now Hussle." I wanted to fight him but I'd lose but in that moment I didn't care. 

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