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We ended up all watching a movie in my living room due to Bentley started to get grumpy from boredom.
Cayden was in a little bassinet, which swung lightly, assisting in putting her to sleep.

"I'll give her credit" Calum spoke, putting his arm over my shoulder, connecting our heads gently.

"She rarely cries, shes the best baby, Bentley never stopped fucking crying" Calum spoke, squeezing Ben's side gently, making him wiggle out of his grip.

Just as we got to the best part of the movie, I heard the door open, making Ashton pause it as my annoying ass sister immediately began talking.

"No, please Macey- just fucking tell them what you told me" Michael's stressed voice spoke as the two of them turned on all the lights- entering the living room.

"What's going on?" Calum spoke, seeming more than annoyed.

"I made Macey take pregnancy tests that we had at the house and they all came back negative." He spoke, crossing his arms as he looked to her.

"Okay- I'm not pregnant." Macey spat out.

"Where the fuck did you get a positive test from?" Calum shot towards her.

Her eyes met mine.

"No" I immediately spoke, more than disgusted with her.

"Yeah" she exhaled lightly.

"You kept my fucking pregnancy test?!" I almost yelled towards her.

"Yes, but-" "you kept a stick that I peed on for over nine fucking months?" I shot out, everyone in the room silent.

"Yes" she spoke, not seeming ashamed in the slightest.

Everyone was silent

"What the actual fuck is wrong with her?" I asked, looking towards Calum- knowing something was mentally wrong with her.

"Have you been taking your medicines?" Luke asked.

"I need to refill two of them" she exhaled, looking to her nails.

"You need to start telling us when you have two pills left so we can make sure you're refilled before you run out." Michael spat, plopping into a recliner beside Cayden's bassinet, looking over the arm of the recliner and to the baby

"I just want you guys to love me the way you all love Casey" she spoke, and for a second- I genuinely felt bad.

"Macey- you do not have to do stupid shit like this to get our attention- we've told you this so many fucking times" Calum stressed to her as I rolled my eyes, looking to Luke, who was already looking at me.

"Apparently I do, because everytime I try to talk to you guys- I'm ignored- I mean look, Luke and Casey are too busy eye fucking each other to even listen to what I have to say" she spat, making Luke and I immediately look away from each other and to her.

"We were not eye fucking each other- we were both exchanging annoying glances because you're annoying as fuck." I spat out, hearing her laugh.

"See what I mean?" Macey suddenly yelled- immediately waking Cayden.

"Great job" I mumbled, standing to get her as she continued to yell like the psycho she is.

"Just no one fucking loves me!" She was suddenly crying, making my mom instantly stand to hug her as all of the guys rubbed their heads- seeming more than annoyed.

I went into the kitchen, calming Cayden down, getting her away from all the crying and yelling.

"Macey scared the pretty baby, didnt she?" Ashton entered, a baby voice prominent.

I turned her to where she could see him- her smile immediately taking over as soon as he tickled her stomach lightly.

"Happy baby!" He sang out, continuing to tickle her.

"So you and Luke were eye fucking each other?" Ashton asked with an amused grin, eyebrows raised.

"Well if just looking at someone is eye fucking them- yes, I was eye fucking him." I laughed out with him, kissing Cayden's cheek gently.

"Your sister- she's just-" he stopped himself, shaking his head and exhaling.

"Basket case" I spoke for him, seeing him nod.

Luke soon joined us, standing beside Ashton as the two of them watched me just give affection to Cayden- hearing her respond with baby noises and smiles.

Just as she let out a baby scream, Bentley came in with a wide smile, Luke immediately lifting him, groaning lightly

"Ben, you're almost too big for me to pick up!" Luke yelled, letting him sit on the countertop as Ben smiled, looking to me.

"I have a question about something Macey said" he spoke.

We all exchanged a 'here we go' look before Ashton raised his eyebrows giving him a quick " What's your question?"

"What's eye fucking?"

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