CH. 21: Spare The Rod

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When Tracy's study was finally closed and Mac and Rachel were gone, Tracy counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, then she said to her husband, "I know you're dying to say something, so have at it."

"Don't get smug with me," Derek said, standing behind her while she sat in her chair behind the desk. "That's not how this works."

She turned and looked at him directly. "You're right," Tracy said. "I apologize."

"It's fine," Derek said. "You have a hard role and you have to be a hard woman. But, not with me."

"I forget that sometimes."

"To your determent."

Tracy turned to face her desk again. "You knew I was a handful when you married me."

Derek grinned and put a hand on his wife's shoulder. He slid it down to her arm and ran a finger across the side of her breast. "A handful. Indeed."

"Pig," Tracy said with a snort of laughter.

"You knew that when you married me too."

Tracy bit a thumbnail and said, "I treat her too much like a mother."

"You are her mother," Derek said, putting a hand in each of her shoulders and kneading firmly.

"Mmmm..." Tracy sighed and put a hand on Derek's. "I'm not just her mother, I'm the head of this family. I need to do what's for the greater good. But, ever since Charlotte came back, I've been flooded with all this maternal instinct. It clouds things."

"I get that," Derek said. "Mac's a piece of work."

"I could've done more when she was youn- No, see this is what I'm talking about. I have to focus on the bigger picture. I need to do what's best for this family. I-"

"-You need to get laid."

Derek paused in massaging Tracy's shoulders. She turned her head up to meet his solid, penetrating gaze. "You think that's it?" she asked.

"I think you should get out of that chair and do as you're told."

Tracy smiled. "Oh, you do. Do you?"

Derek did not return the smile. "Up."

It didn't happen often, Tracy Wyatt taking orders, but when it did, it was just what she needed. She stood from her chair and took Derek's hand and he led her around the desk to the open area before it. He positioned her before him and put his hands on her biceps and squeezed.


Tracy let Derek force her to her knees before him.

"Take them off."

She undid his fly and hooked her thumbs inside his pants and underwear and slid them down his muscular legs. He made no sound. She had to earn it.

Tracy reached for his cock, but Derek said, "No."


"No hands."

Tracy positioned her hands on his naked thighs and lowered her mouth to him. At first, she merely licked and kissed the head, but it didn't seem to do it for her, too much like she was in charge, so she took him into her mouth, slow and shallow at first then faster and deeper. To the point of gagging, she sucked his cock with abandon. She slid his dick down her throat and back repeatedly until she coughed then withdrew him from her mouth, trailing ropes of saliva behind him. She spit them on the floor and brought herself down on him again.

But, it wasn't enough. Even when Derek began to rhythmically thrust back and forth, she was still too in control. Too responsible. She was about to pull free of him and say, "This isn't working," when Derek grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

"Jesus, be care-"

He spun her by the hips so she faced her desk. The very place decisions were made and lives were shaped and he forced her down upon it, bending her at the waist. With her face profiled flat on the oak, he reached down and pulled the skirt she wore up to her hips. Then, he pressed up on her and spread her legs with his own. Tracy exhaled. She shut her eyes. And waited.

She was about to say, "Tie me up," when Derek grabbed her by the wrists and held them tight against her back with one hand. Then, with the other hand, Derek slipped his cock between Tracy's legs and pressed the head against her clit. She moaned. She purred. He turned his cock in small circular motions, softly, but firmly, rubbing himself into her. Her breath began to quicken. She tried to move her arms, but he held her fast. It was just at the moment, when she realized she couldn't break free if she wanted to, Derek plunged his cock deep inside her pussy.

"Fu-fuck," she gasped. To this Derek spoke not a word.

At first his stroke was slow, letting her acclimate to his size, but his pace began to quicken and Tracy could hear his silence break into a series of gruff exhalations. He's not going to wait for me, she thought. He's going to do what he wants to me, how he wants to do it to me, for as long as he wants to do it to me and then, when he decides, it's done. And there's nothing I can do about it.

It was that realization the brought her over the edge. She began to quake, drenching his cock and her whole body spasmed. One racking orgasmic shudder after another. It hit her so hard, she couldn't even scream out. She tried to move her arms, to free herself and just when she thought she could, her husband came inside her with one extended roar. From there, this thrusts became stilted, matching each pulse of ejaculation. He drove into her one final time, then let go of her arms and dropped both his hands on the desk, panting joyously.

He began to withdraw from her, but she swung back and arm and grabbed his hip.

"Not yet," she said, the moment of submission ebbing. "Just another second or two."

Derek placed himself in her fully, pressing his pelvis flush with her ass, then pulled himself free.

He backed off her and she gave herself a few seconds then lifted herself from the desk and turned to see him staring at her triumphantly.

Tracy smiled and said, "You're awfully proud of yourself."

Derek smiled back. "So are you."

"Get us some rum, would you?"

He replaced his flaccid penis into his pants and dutifully complied, going over to the bar by the fireplace and pouring them each a drink. He went to her then and placed the tumbler of rum in her hands and they drank in silence for a full minute.

"So many years," Tracy said, mostly to herself. "I settled for so little."

"It is a big dick," Derek said and took a swallow.

"Don't be crude," Tracy smirked. "It's just I'm alive when we make love. When we fuck. All those years with Michael Wyatt and I thought I knew what satisfaction was."

"In bed?" Derek asked, sipping rum.

"In everything. I bore him Charlotte, Josephine, Michael Junior and Gwendolyn. I showed him the ways of the portal. I invited him into my family's business. I was a dutiful wife committed to the uplift of her husband. But, he could never raise to my level. He was a good husband when he was alive. Sweet. Sensitive. Understanding. But, he was never cut out to be the man I needed. He was never really cut out for this life at all."

"No," Derek said. "Mike was my best friend and I loved him. But, he was always weak. That's why we killed him."

Tracy shrugged and finished the rum. "You up for a second round?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I am," Derek said, then he proceeded to take Tracy again.

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