Epilogue | The Master's Call

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In the years that followed, the odd crew that had come together to wipe Calvera Casino from the face of the planet grew closer and older.

Under Juri's enthusiastic hand, and with his personable temperment, Cash's Dead Ridge Moonshine grew into a business that eclipsed its origins and then some. Boss allowed him to expand sales outside of the Casino to high paying contracts and the man began to brew more than Moonshine, putting his own stamp on burbon, rum, and gin, respectively. With each passing year Cash visited her old homestead less and less, which, though cleaned up and less gritty, was still a simple affair. Her time was instead occupied by her adopted son and wife with every available minute.

Csy headlined for Boss for a few years before finally fulfilling their dream of opening a theater. They stepped from the stage and into directing, producing shows that drew guests from all over the galaxy and praise from even the snobbiest of mouths. They occasionally still cast themself in a starring role but only for the most challenging of performances. Unlike many of the other theaters of Lead Belly, Csy paid their actors, dancers, and musicians a wage that allowed them to give everything to their art and still pay rent. Something that drew the best and most talented to their rigorous program.

Asimov and Gideon did finally produce a universal operating system that would prevent the eventual devastation of Cyborgs as a species. With Boss's patronage, they were able to provide the software for free and were awarded with honors from governments across the system for their scientific achievement and philanthropy. Despite the overwhelming success they remained with Csy in the condo Boss had found for them that somehow, despite all odds, fit them all perfectly. The trio found a way to remain sane and in love, defying expectations even they had held.

Sweetwater Casino became immensely profitable as the only casino left in Lead Belly. Boss ran it with a calculated fist, and aided by Cys's talent, Tate's impeccable peacekeeping, and Cash's moonshine, it began to draw patrons from even off planet. Boss refused to take a step back, even in her later years, swearing she would die at the ornate desk in her office, which she revealed had once belonged in her late husband's credit union.

Cash fulfilled her promise. Smothering her family, both legal and found, in the love she had kept dormant and hidden away for too long. She couldn't put away her gun but, after the bullet that put down Calvera for good, she never fired another shot. As the hair on her head grew grey and wrinkles began to deepen Boss's beauty, Cash retired from the business and handed off the keys to Juri for good. It was a good decade later, surrounded by the crew and her family, that she passed from the world and on to the next, pistol in hand and black stetson on her head, her last words asking for a cigar she never got the chance to smoke.

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