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Nicolette's POV
"I would really love to stay and watch your precious mate bleed out but I can't take you with help on the way," he said and disappeared with impressive speed.

I dropped to the ground where Malcom was laying. If a normal dagger had hit him it wouldn't have affected him but it was sliver.

Smoke curled up from his skin from where the weapon was implanted in his shoulder. He laid flat on his back growling at the pain. Tears rolled down my face from the immense pain my body was feeling.

The smell of Malcom's blood made my demon antsy. The time he gave us his blood made my demon wanting more. He made himself a target for my demon.

I felt the veins to my eyes turn black and my eyes go bloodshot. I close my eyes and take a few breaths until my face went back to normal.

"You idiot," I whisper to him while I asses the damage that had been done to his shoulder. I lightly touch the dagger and he let out a snarl as it pressed deeper into his skin.

"You should have called for help earlier," he growled lowly at me. I roll my eyes while trying to find enough power in me to heal him.

Basic healing training was the first thing I learned when I was old enough. I placed my hands over his wound but not touching it. My eyes flowed blue as I let my magic soar throughout his shoulder. I felt the muscles and tendons the silver tore through and was burning.

"Well I'm sorry I was to busy not trying to get hurt." If I took out the dagger, he would bleed but not enough that he would bleed out.

"This is going to hurt," I mumble to him. I grasp my hand around the hilt and started pulling out the blade. Malcom let out a roar and he gripped onto my free hand.

The blade cane out and I threw it to the side and covered the wound with my hand. I sent my magic through his shoulder and repaired his muscle and tendons to the best of my ability. I healed the burnt skin and sealed up the wound.

I release me hand from the wound and gasp as I felt my power flickering away. I heard him sit up no longer feeling pain in his shoulder. I could feel every inch of pain going through my body. My wolf didn't have the energy to heal me.

"It hurts," I cry out. I breath in and out as the tears flow down my face. Blood mixed with my tears as I threw up again.

"I know," he said. He picked me up bridal style and I cried into his chest. I winced as my bruises pushed up against his arms.

"You shouldn't have jumped in front of me," I said through my tears. "I could have taken the pain."

"Then I would be a fool for just watching my mate get hurt," he says. My wounds haven't healed since the skin had been burned open. His scent soothes my wolf but the pain was still bad.

"You c-can't do anything that would overwork you shoulder or, my magic won't hold in your shoulder," I instructed. He simply nodded and he brought me back into his house.

"I'll get Doctor Lauren to come up and seal you wounds," he said laying me down in my bed. I wince at the pain and sat up and tried to muster enough power to seal my wounds up so I wouldn't bleed on the sheets.

"You're crazy lay down," he said.

"I'm crazy? Do you know how dangerous it was to jump in front of me like that? I can survive silver to the heart you can't. It takes a lot to kill me but a silver dagger to your heart will kill you," I said getting frustrated at him. Angry that he would sacrifice his life to save mine.

"It sounds to me like you're worried," he countered back. I look at him with confusion.

"Of course I'm worried Malcom. I just met you, my mate, and I'm not ready for you to die because of me. You have a whole pack to rule over. There's not a lot for me to live for anymore so next time don't jump in front of me," I shout back at him.

"Nicolette, you have so much to live for. You're my mate. You are going to be crowed Queen Luna eventually. You'll rule this pack with me because I want this to work. I don't want to keep pushing you away," he countered. He was next to me and I stood up on the bed with my knees still shaking. I was level with him and he placed hand on my cheek and I leaned into it. I slowly nodded.

"I want it to work too," I confessed. He smiled. He smiled for the first time since I was here. It was a reckless last minute decision. I leaned forward and kissed him.

He froze upon my lips but reacted quickly. He kissed me back, full of passion.  He placed his hand on my back to keep me from falling. I pulled away and placed my forehead against his.

"Okay," he whispered.
"Honey maybe you should let her have a break," my dad said while watching me focus on the flame before me and blood dripping down my nose.

"No she's making progress," my mom said back not taking her eyes off of me. I growl as I slam my hands down to my side.

"I'm done for today I think I'll go train by myself," I said. I shifted into my wolf and we ran deep into the woods.

"I told you you were pushing her too much," I heard my dad say.
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