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{ Calum Hood POV }

Me: GoodMorning Watah

Water: Lmfao GoodMorning Calum "The Stranger"

Me: What are you doing?

Water: The same thing you should be doing duh

Me: oh so beating my meat

Water: -.- no dumbass school...

Water: I bet you don't even have a decent size for me to even beat.

Me: Shitt wanna see?!?!

Water: Calm your tits boys and brb I'm driving

Me: Nah that's your excuse of changing the subject

Water: no I'm srs I have to leave cause that's dange

Me: Aqua?

Me: Water?


Me: are you ok?

Me: did you die?

Me: pls don't tell me your dead cause then ill feel so responsible

Me: Water :(

Water: AHHH I'm just fuckin with ya but fr I have to go cause I really am driving

( text with Morgan )

♥Morgan♥: hey bae are you gonna pick me up today.

Me: Sure don't I always do? ._.

♥Morgan♥: Maybe while your driving I could give you a BJ

Me: Are you just fucking with me or are you srs

♥Morgan♥: am I ever not srs when it comes to these things???

Me: Shitt well ill be there in five

♥Morgan♥: -new picture message-

Me: well in that case make it 2

{ Aqua POV }

Me: Leah where u be

Beyonce: at muh lockah why?

Me: I have some cray cray shit to tell you

Beyonce: Did beyonce finally decide to adopt me?

Me: -.- no

I got out my car and walked over to the school. Hampton High home of the skanks and cunts. Well not really but it's sure as hell close to it.

"Morning Fat Ass." Said Joey as he opened the door for me.

"No I opened it for me not you." He said as he rushed through the door.

I rolled my eyes. Me and Joey have been friends since birth basically. His mom been working with my mom for 10 years now. He's a total bitch but he's very funny so I allow him to be a total bitch to me. But then again I'm twice as mean to him.

I don't even know how we been friends for so long.

"Come with me to Leah's locker I need to tell you guys something" I said dragging him down the halls.

"Did Beyonce finally decide to adopt her."

"Oh my fucking god no!" I practically yelled.

"Well chill damn bitch it was just a question don't need to go all ape shit like Caesar from the planet of the apes." He bitched.

We finally found Leah at her locker. What a relief cause Joey was about to have a bitch fit.

"Okay so last night I decided to prank text someone and it turns out that this number turned out to be Calum Hood's" I laughed.

"Morgan's boyfriend Calum Hood?" Joey asked.

"No fucking Georgie Lopez's Calum Hood." I said sarcastically.

"And there you go being a bitch like..."

"Oh M Gee really. That's funny. Imma try that so I can randomly get Beyonce's number." Leah said.

"In your fucking dreams hoe." Joey laughed.

{ Calum Hood POV }

Me: I finally made it to the school alive but a little horny

Water: Congrats

Me: Wanna take me up on my offer?

Water: Sure

Me: omg really meet me in the janitors closet in 5

Water: I was just fucking with you keep it in your pants.

Water: you'll get your chance to get all this sexiness one day

Me: I hate when you be fucking with me

Water: I love you too

Me: I never said I love you

Water: oh but you just did

Me: when

Water: -new picture message-

Me: that doesn't mean I love you

Water: well don't say stuff you don't mean

Me: I only love the girls I fuck

Water: wow your so heartless

Me: ;)

"Who are you texting babe?"

"Oh Aqua. She started randomly texting me yesterday so I guess now me and her are friends." I said.

"I don't want you to talk to her. Me and her use to be friends but then I grew boobs and I moved on." She smiled.

"She has boobs too so what are you saying?" I asked confusedly.

"Never mind." She sighed.


"But seriously don't talk to her." Morgan warned.

{ Aqua POV }

I walked into World History with Leah and Joey. We sat in our normal seats in the back. It's so much easier to use our phones when we are sitting it the back.

CuntMonkey: don't fucking text my boyfriend hoe

Me: oh look who's calling me a hoe

Me: how many guys you fucked

CountMonkey: none of your business just don't fucking text him or I will tell everyone what happened when we were in 9th grade.

Who the fuck does she think she is. It's a free country. And I didn't know he was her boyfriend or that he even existed until yesterday. See this is why I don't associate my self with hoes.

Me: Calum sure ill become your fuck buddy

CalumHood: what changed your mind babe :)

Me: don't worry about it

CalumHood: so do you want to meet up after school?

Me: sure

Me: my house or yours

CalumHood: mines cause my parents are out of town for a month

Me: k bye

CalumHood: see you later sexy ;)

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