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"I left you in charge of it!" Luke yelled towards Ashton, pointing an accusing finger at him.

"You were back- how fucking long was I supposed to watch it-" "we have more ham in the fridge" I laughed out at the two of them arguing.

"I don't even want it anymore." Luke spoke, throwing the scorched piece of ham away, sending a glare towards Ashton.

"You child" Ashton laughed out, making me instantly roll my eyes, knowing that would start another argument.

Just before Luke could respond, I heard the door open before hearing, "grandpa cal is here!" In a singing voice.

I smiled, turning towards the door, holding Cayden in my arms as she sucked on her pacifier, her eyes trailing around the room.

"Hey Cal" I smiled as he entered the room with a wide smile.

"It smells like burnt-" "don't bring that up" I quickly laughed- seeing a confused expression come from him before he shrugged it off, focusing to Cayden.

"Mommy still spoiling the baby girl, I see" Calum smiled, rubbing the baby's stomach gently.

"Wanna hold?" I offered, seeing him immediately nod, making me carefully hand her to him.

"My sweet girl!" He spoke happily, bouncing the baby carefully before I heard my mom and my happy little brother talking from the living room.

"Bentley!" I yelled out, seeing his excited body come running into the kitchen, straight into my body.
"Careful Ben, sissy might be sore" my mom spoke from the door.

"You're fine" I whispered to him as I felt his grip loosen, making me give him a small squeeze before pulling away.

"Anyone going to invite Michael since we're having a family meeting at Casey's house?" Luke snorted out, making Calum laugh

"Poor Michael got stuck on Macey duty" Calum spoke, ignoring my moms warning glance to him.

No matter how mad they were at her, mom would never let anyone talk shit about her angel.

Just before my mom spoke, Cayden started crying, making Calum frown.

"Why am I not good enough for you?" He asked her crying body, bouncing as he slowly walked to me.

"Probably because you don't have boobs" Ashton spoke out- which was true, she was probably hungry.

I took her from him, going to my room to get everything I needed- and the guys had already seen more than enough of me, I wanted ten minutes of privacy to breast feed.

I sat criss cross in my bed, covering her and myself in case Bentley decided to bust in unannounced.

I situated her, letting her eat as I patted her clothed butt lightly, humming to myself.

I soon watched my door get pushed open, seeing my mom.

"Everything okay?" She whispered, entering and sitting in front of me as I nodded slowly.

"You know the guys don't care if you feed her in front of them- you didn't have to come sit all alone" she spoke, pushing some of my own hair out of my face.

"I know, I just wanted to be alone for a minute." I smiled lightly.

"I understand" she spoke with a smile.

"It's a great feeling isn't it?" She asked me after a moment of quietness.

"Everything is" I spoke with a small nod, smiling down to Cayden.

"I'm happy. I'm really happy." I exhaled, seeing her smile.

Soon Cayden was finished and I brought her into the kitchen to burp her.

Ashton ended up taking her, wanting to do it himself- so I gladly let him.

As he patted her back for the fourth time, I heard the smallest burp before I then heard throw up, making Ashton instantly freeze- his eyes closing.

"She just threw up on me" he announced the obvious to us- everyone trying their hardest to contain their laughter.

"Won't be the last time" Calum spoke from the doorway, holding Bentley in a backwards hug, Bentley so tall he almost reached Calum chest.

"Here, take the little angel- I need to go change-"

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