vacation//g.d - pt 1

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"No no no, Em wait for daddy!" She cried. Y/N sighed as she heard Grayson chuckled. "Em talk to daddy?" She asked, grabbing at y/n's phone. Y/N gave it to her.

"Princess, I'm gonna go get you and Ella milk and then I'll be right there, okay?" He asked. Emily frowned.

And she ended the call there.


"She's asleep," Y/N said with a smile as Grayson walked in with Ella giggling in his arms. Grayson smiled and set the bags on the table.

The hotel Grayson has booked was massive.

"Yeah?" Grayson asked aa he handed Ella over. Y/N nodded as Grayson went to check on his princess in the 'big room'.

He smiled when he found Emily curled up in the middle of the king-sized. Small breaths leaving her slightly open mouth, Grayson smiled at his daughter. "She was telling me about what she was going to do tomorrow, and when I turned, she was out." Y/N said, walking in behind him. Grayson smiled at her.

"She's so cute!" He exclaimed in a whisper. Y/N smiled and shook her head. Grayson looked at his other princess, taking her from y/n's arms. "And so are you, angel," He said, kissing her cheek. Ella giggled at the feeling of his stubble scratching her cheek.

"Let's eat?" Y/N asked him, going to open the bags of take out he'd gotten for him and her to eat. The hotel food was not something Grayson was feeling, even though the girls seemed to love. He nodded and carried Ella over as y/n began unboxing food.

"I want wine," Grayson sighed as y/n handed him chopsticks. She raised her eyebrows and went back to her own food. "No, no," Grayson said, pulling the chopsticks from the baby's grip.

"You can probably get some from the bar downstairs?" Y/N asked, eating her food. Grayson sighed and looked at the time. "I don't want any, I can watch the girls while you-" He cut her off.

"Y/N Dolan doesn't want wine?" He asked. Y/N rolled her eyes as she held up a little piece of broccoli to Ella's mouth. "That's a first," He said with a chuckle.Y/N rolled her eyes.

"I just don't feel like some, right now," She said. Kind of a lie. "Go get some when you finish eating," She said. Grayson shrugged.

"If I still feel like it after I-" But he was cut off as they heard the sound of feet padding towards them.

The three of them turned to see Emily running into the room, hands on her hips. Grayson smiled. "Morning, sleeping beauty," He said as he shifted Ella on his lap. Emily frowned at him, now arms crossed, looking out the window.

"Dark outside!" She exclaimed. Grayson smiled. "Nighttime, daddy!" She exclaimed. Grayson chuckled.

"Well, why'd you wake up then?" He asked. Emily frowned as she watched him put his chopsticks into his mouth. "Hm?"

"Daddy eat stick?" She asked, a little concerned. Grayson chewed and looked at his chopsticks. Y/N laughed and shook her head. Emily looked over at her mama. "Mama too?" She asked.

"It's like a spoon, princess," Grayson told her. Emily frowned and looked over at y/n. She nodded. "Except it's for grown-ups," He told her.

"Em use stick spoon?" She asked, reaching for it as she ran to y/n. Y/N held it away from her and shook her head.

"Em can use one when she's older, okay?" She asked. "Daddy'll teach you how," She told him. Emily looked over at him. Grayson nodded, mouth full of food.

"Daddy got you milk though," He told her. He stood up, carrying Ella to the rest of the bags, y/n was yet to unpack and load into the fridge and pulled out the carton of chocolate milk. "You want some?" He asked, holding it up.

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