vacation//g.d - pt 1

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AN// hey loves, so this is part ONE of a lil series im doing :) i hope you guys likeee

(third person pov)

"You have to go to bed now sweetie," Y/N said as Emily jumped on the bed. "Em, get down," Y/N sighed, shaking her head.

"Jump with me, mama!" Emily exclaimed. Y/N sighed shaking her head, before grabbing her daughter and placing her on the floor. The three-year-old screamed.

"Emily, it's time for bed," Y/N said. Emily crossed her arms and shook her head.

"Daddy and Ella have bedtime too!" She yelled before running out of the room. Y/N sighed, following the little girl out and into the rest of their hotel room. "'morrow go play in water?" She asked looking out the window.

Y/N picked up the three-year-old and carried her back to bed. "We can go in the water tomorrow if you behave," Y/N said. Emily frowned.

"Daddy come home and read story," Emily said as she sat in bed. "Milk?" She asked. Y/N sighed and grabbed her phone.

"Alright, let's call your daddy," Y/N said, exhausted. She dialed Grayson's number by memory and held the phone to her ear as her oldest clapped.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" She squealed. Y/N shook her head and sat down on the bed.

"Hello?" Grayson asked as he answered. He moved the 9-month-old baby to his other arm as he pressed the phone to his ear with his shoulder. "Babe?"

"Yeah, Emily won't go to sleep so tell her that if she doesn't sleep now she won't be allowed to go in the water tomorrow," Y/N said. Grayson chuckled into the phone and smiled at the baby in his arms.

"Why won't she sleep, it's almost 9?" Grayson asked as he thanked the receptionist and grabbed his and y/n's dinner.

"Because you and Ella aren't here yet," Y/N said, rolling her eyes as her daughter climbed into her lap. "Oh, are we sleepy now?" She asked Emily. Emily looked up and shook her head.

"Talk to daddy?" She asked, making grabby hands at the phone. Y/N smiled.

"Here, you talk to your daughter and figure it out," Y/N said, handing the phone over to Emily as she pressed against her right ear with both hands.

"Daddy!" She exclaimed.

"Princess!" He replied, with the same enthusiasm. Emily giggled as she heard her sister do so over the phone too. "I think Ella says hi," Grayson told his daughter as he strapped Ella into the rental car seat.

"Daddy, you and Ella come home to sleep?" She asked. Grayson chuckled, kissing Ella on the head before walking around to the front.

"Yeah, we're coming home," Grayson said. "Why don't you go to bed and wait for me and Ella to come back?" Grayson, switching the phone to speaker and dropping it into the cup holder.

"No, daddy read book!" Emily exclaimed. Y/N sighed. "Daddy come home, then Em sleep," She told him. Grayson sighed, shaking his head.

"How bout mama reads you a book, hm?" He asked, heading back towards the hotel. Emily shook her head and began to cry. Y/N took the phone from her.

"She's crying," Y/N told him, as she bounced her daughter on her knee. "Hey, daddy's coming home soon, okay?" She asked.

"Almost there," Grayson said. Not really, he still to go to a nearby grocery store to get something for the girls to eat later. He could still hear Emily crying in the background as y/n sighed.

"She wanted milk too, if you haven't gone to the store yet," Y/N said with a sigh as Emily stood on her legs, grabbing at y/n's legs. "I think someone's tired," Y/N said with a smile as Emily shook her head.

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