Chapter FiftyFour- A Sacrifice To Tell The Children

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Chapter FiftyFour- A Sacrifice To Tell The Children

August 3rd: Waning Gibbous

    Zombies appeared everywhere, surrounding me, making me feel like I couldn't breathe. There was nothing else I could think about and as I yelled for someone to help me, a light shone through the haze. Well, it wasn't really a light but rather Anna hacking away at anything in reach. She was like a ninja in the way she moved, stunning me for a moment. 

    "What are you doing?" she screamed. "Go find your witch friends!"

    Not hesitating any longer I ran through the cemetary, Anna taking down zombies as we went. She was unstoppable and in the adrenaline between my running and watching her, I wasn't sure where Zac and his possessed self had gone. 

    However, all thoughts left my mind when I caught sight of Simone and Jade, wrapped in a protective field. Assorted herbs were spread around them and the two of them chanted together. I'm sure that an explosion could have gone off right in front of their faces and they wouldn't realize it. Everything in what they were doing reminded me of what trouble we were in. 

    Instead of just watching though I began sprinting in their direction, hitting the protective field with such a force that it threw me back. It had been effective in getting their attention though as Jade turned her head in my direction. As she saw me her eyes widened and the chanting she'd been at immediately stopped. Simone followed suit, the protective field dropped from around them as the two ran over to me on the ground. 

    What I'd failed to notice was the zombie coming after me, only inches from my head in my moment of wonder. Together they shot a powerful spell from their hands and the thing collapsed, knocking me upside the head as it sunk back into the earth. 

    "What are you doing here?" they asked at the same time. 

    "Rescue mission," I mumbled, seeing that I was needed more rescuing than anyone else. "We've brought another pack with us to help in the effort."

    Simone's face looked ashen as she stared at me, tears already welling up in her eyes. "Ren, I am so proud of you, but this is too dangerous. That vampire got Zac on his side and he's still got Amanda and Dylan. I'm not sure what more we can do for Riverwood, even if we manage to get Amanda back to normal." 

    I looked at Simone as if she had two heads. We'd been working at this for so long and for her to just give up like that, it was breaking my heart. How could she be so ready just to be done with all of this? Amanda, Dylan, the committe...did that mean nothing to her? All of these people could die if we didn't do something. 

    "So, that's it then? You're ready to give up?" 

    A waterfall of tears poured from her eyes as she tried brushing them away and although she was trying to be subtle about it, I saw her lean slightly on Jade. It was like she'd lost all energy to do anything. How powerful were these spells that they'd been trying? Jade didn't seem nearly as tired so what was wrong with Simone? 

    As I waited for a reply from Simone it was as if everything dawned on me. Somehow I'd forgotten about the sacrifice that had to be made and as I watched Simone, I knew that they'd already taken a step into it. For some reason I couldn't hold myself back from shouting. 

    "You already did the spell!" 

    Both Jade and Simone looked taken aback at my outburst, not knowing what to say in answer. Behind me I could hear Joseph yelling for me, asking if I'd found the witches yet. However, all talking ceased when he saw me there with Jade and Simone. 

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