Mikaelson School

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Penelope: Hope we have a problem at Mystic Falls high school.
Hope: What kind of problem?
Penelope: Someone just exposed their powers
Hope: Let's get down there. Grab Kaleb, Jed, and Pedro.
Penelope: Why Pedro?
Hope: He feels like he's not part of the team.
Penelope: Okay, I'll go round everyone up.
Hope: Good I'll meet guys at the car.
Penelope: Got it boss.
( They arrive at the Mystic Falls high school )
Hope: Looks like you guys.
Lizzie: No, we are all good
Hope: Penelope put a barrier spell on the school.
Penelope: Got
Hope: Kaleb compel the students to forget what they've seen.
Kaleb: On it.
Hope: Pedro, call in the chopper.
Pedro: Green light, Maverick.
Hope: Jed, escort these three to the chopper.
Jed: On it.
( They arrive at the Mikaelson school )
Hope: Make yourselves at home. Penelope why don't you go show the blonde around.
Lizzie: My name is Lizzie.
Hope: Okay, go show Lizzie around
Penelope: Yes, Hope
Hope: Thank you
Alaric: So, why did you guys come to the Mystic Falls high school?
Hope: Well, we've been keeping an eye on your family.
Alaric: Why?
Hope: Because we need to trust our staff and students.
Alaric: Don't you already have enough staff?
Hope: We were watching you because we needed to know if we could trust you.
Josie: Why?
Hope: I'd like to offer you the co-headmaster position here.
Alaric: Really?
Hope: Yeah.
Alaric: I'll take it.
Hope: Great we'll get you guys step up in your bed quarters.
( Arrives to Hopes office )
Alaric: First things first we to change this room.
Penelope: This isn't gonna end well.
Hope: This is my office.
Alaric: You have a office?
Penelope: Of course she does. She's the headmaster your her co - headmaster.
Alaric: How can you be a headmaster? Your only in high school.
Penelope: She graduated a year ago.
Hope: And I'm taking online college classes.
( Klaus walks in )
Klaus: Is everything alright?
Hope: He's saying he's surprised I'm headmaster.
Klaus: Why?
Alaric: Because she's just a kid.
( Hope starts to get mad & her vampire eyes start to show )
Klaus: Calm down Hope.
Hope: Okay. Well, my father finish the tour.
( Thirty minuets later )
Landon: I'm Landon.
Alaric: I'm Alaric.
Klaus: Landon here is a Phoenix. And Landon this is Hope's new Co - headmaster.
Landon: Well, it was nice to see you. But I have to go somewhere.
( Landon leaves to find Hope breaking things )
Landon: Calm down.
Hope: He's making more angry. My vampire side is acting out more than usual.
Landon: You just need to breathe. Here.
Hope: No, Landon I can't.
Landon: It's fine.
Hope: Okay.
( Hope feeds from Landon's arm )
Hope: Thank you.
Landon: Of course.

Alaric is handed a lot of paperwork for the first month he's there. Josie makes a lot of new friends. Lizzie and Hope become very close friends. Josie and Hope date for two years. Landon marries Lizzie. Josie marries Penelope. And Hope never marries because she wants to focus on the school. Alaric and Hope become good friends after two years of him being there.

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