Who Could That Be

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It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has the power over you, if you allow it!

Writer's pov

It was a beautiful sunday.....and also a day out for the Rathore kids.

Vikram and Akira are taking them to the Pet Zoo.

Akira was making pancakes for her munchkins when she felt hot breaths near her earlobe. She got startled when she heard - Good Morning sunshine!

You.. You scared me! - she told Vikram

He put his chin on her shoulder and
spoke in a lower note - I will give you many more reasons to be scared of my acts Darling! But that is all for later!

As now, I just came to eat the yummy breakfast made by my wife!

Akira scooted away to avoid the awkward feelings coming from him and said - Why don't you go and sit with the kids, I will come with the breakfast!

Vikram nodded chuckling and reached the dinning table. He kissed both the kids and they sat on his each leg.

Kiyara said - Daddy, when are you taking us to the Zoo?

Vikram said - Right after the Breakfast princess!

Vidit said - Daddy, I want to see hip..hippo...po..ta...to!!!

Vikram laughed at his cuteness and pinched his cheeks and said - its Hippopotamus Champ!

And we are going to a pet Zoo!
We will only see farm animals over there....not jungle animals.
May be i will show you Hippopotamus next time!
Is that ok with you son?

Vidit nodded pouting but said - Only on one condition, we will have Oreo shake with ice cream!

Vidit, no ice creams champ! You may have the shake though! And for now who is up for the world's best pancakes? - Akira asked

The three of them shouted - Me!!!!

They all had their breakfast and soon were ready to leave.

Just when they were about to reach their landline ringed...Akira gestured Vikram to take kids till their car and she received the call.





Who is this? - she asked but no answer


Sighing she hung up and joined Vikram in the car and they were on their way to the Zoo.

Vikram asked about the call but she just shrugged.

All through out the drive Vikram stole glances of his chic wife dress up in her casual wear. Akira, in fact caught him ogling at her two-three times but She ignored.

Upon reaching, Vidit and Kiyara went crazy looking at the cute animals.
They fed rabbits, piglets....chased lambs...and jumped with roosters!

Vikram and Akira too joined them and forgot all their stress and they clicked many pictures.

All four of them very enjoying but suddenly Akira's phone ringed.

Yes, Hello?




She frowned and checked the number...but it showed as unknown. Vikram noticed her face and asked raising his eyebrow but she just shrugged again!

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