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This story takes place in the current zombie apocalypse. There is Carl Grimes, the son of Rick and Lori; he is 13 years old. There is Beth, the daughter of Hershel and sister to Maggie; she is 17. Jimmy was her fiance. But, when the farm got over ran by the walkers Jimmy and his mom, who was like a mom to beth, they both got torn apart by walkers. Beth had almost lost everything, but not quite.

In the beginning of the apocalypse Carl's dad, Rick, was in a coma in a hospital. When he woke up the walkers were everywhere, just silently. He didn't know what happened, he was confused. Now there was Shane, Shane was Rick's partner at work. They worked for the Sheriff's department. When the walkers started to populate Shane blocked Rick' door at the hospital so no one or thing would come in. Shane then took Lori and Carl, so they would be safe, and he told them that Rick was dead.

Obviously Rick isn't dead, but Shane is. Shane was trying to kill Rick in the field of the farm. Rick shot Shane. By the time Carl got to Rick Shane had just rose and became a walker. Carl then shot Walker Shane. They are all infected so when they die they come back dead after about 2minutes after there death. To kill a walker you must shoot or hurt them in the brain. 

They have been to Atlanta, Georgia; CDC, and Hershel's farm. None of them worked out to be a safe place. Well, CDC was a safe place but the guy inside was, lets just say crazy. So now they have taken over a prison, which for the mean time is safe; at least their area.

                                               Oh! And one more thing......... everyone is infected. Dead or Alive.

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