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"Absolutely fucking not." Luke spoke as soon as I read the text to him.

"I fucking hate him" I mumbled, sitting at a bar stool in the kitchen as Luke was cooking, his eyes continually glancing to me.

"You don't need to let him meet her, Casey" he spoke sternly.

"I didn't plan on it" I mumbled back.

"I'll fucking kill him" Luke mumbled to himself, making me immediately laugh lightly- seeing him look to me at the sound of me laughing.

"What's so funny?" He asked quickly.

"You're more mad about this than I am" I spoke.

"I just-" he cut himself off, flipping whatever he was cooking before continuing again.

"I know what you deserve. He did you wrong, and he lost the best thing that he could've ever had. He doesn't deserve a second chance, he doesn't deserve anything from any of us." He spoke, making me nod in agreement slowly as I heard the front door open.

Both Luke and I froze- waiting to hear who it might be, because not many people just walk into my house unannounced.

"Hello?" Ashton's voice questioned slowly.

"Kitchen" I announced, loud enough to where he could hear it, but not loud enough to wake Cayden.

He entered with a smile on his lips.

"How's the mothering going?" He asked, kissing my head gently before moving beside Luke, examining what he was cooking.

"Good considering shes asleep right now" I laughed lightly, hearing him hum with a smile.

"Nick texted her" Luke immediately spoke, making me shoot him a 'are you fucking serious' look.

"What he say?" Ashton asked.

"He asked when he could come and meet his daughter" I spoke simply, not showing that I was phased, because I wasn't.

"What did you say back?" He asked.

"I didn't respond" I spoke, seeing Ashton slowly nod.

"That's probably best-" he was cut off by crying coming from the baby monitor, making me immediately turn in the barstool to go get Cayden.

"Stay sitting, ill bring her to you" Luke quickly spoke, handing Ashton the spatula, making him take over the cooking duties.

"What even is he cooking?" Ashton asked, seeming genuinely confused as he stared into the pan.

"Ham" I shrugged lightly, giving him a small laugh.

After several minutes, Luke appeared- talking in a baby voice, bouncing Cayden in his arms, holding her head for extra support.

"Someone wants her mommy" he sang out as she started crying into him, making him carefully pass her to me.

"Hi princess" I exhaled as I took her into my arms, looking to her face, slowly wiping her tears.

"Baby fever" Ashton cleared his throat lightly as Luke looked down onto the two of us, smiles never leaving any of our faces.

"How's Macey?" I asked Ashton, knowing he most likely saw more of the show than I did.

Ashton rolled his eyes lightly.

"She won't let me get any bloodwork done on her to ensure that she's pregnant, she just continually shows us the pregnancy tests, it's weird, but Calum and your mom are beyond pissed." He spoke slowly.

"I don't blame them" I mumbled, looking back down to Cayden, watching her little eyes look around the room.

"Pretty dimples" I spoke as she smiled to me, making both Ashton and Luke stand beside me, us all admiring the baby, complimenting her endlessly.

"The prettiest baby ever" Ashton spoke in his baby voice, letting her squeeze one of his fingers into her hand.

"Just like her mommy" Luke spoke, kissing my head before everyone went silent for a minute.

"Is something burning?" I asked, smelling an odd smell.

"My fucking ham!"

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